Monday, 6 October 2014

It's raining, it's pouring. Autumn weather is here and it's chilled down too. What to do on these autumnal days, autumn crafts and woodland walks. Can I put the heating on yet??!

The change in the weather over the past couple of days has been madness. Last Wednesday I sat in the garden and had lunch with my Mum. By Saturday it was raining and cold and the kiddies wanted hot chocolate and a snuggle on the sofa. Yesterday (Sunday) it was warm, dry and there was washing drying on the line. Today, it's freeezing and raining. The school run was just horrible and I needed wellies and an umbrella!

Our local woodland.

Although I do feel that we have been very lucky with the weather we have had up until now. September was lovely as was most of the Summer. We do have to admit that sooner or later we need to prepare ourselves for the chilly nights ahead. I remember many a bonfire night when I was younger when we were wrapped in hats, scarves, gloves and layers and layers of clothes and we were still frozen through. Yet to think that Bonfire Night is only 4 weeks away and apart from a bit of a chill in the air and some rain it's not freeeeeezing cold. A lot can change in a few weeks but I'm sure by the end of October we're not expecting a big freeze or a huge drop in temperature, compared to today that is!

Also with the clocks due to go back an hour on October 26th the dark and cold nights are soon to hit. So what do you do with your days when it's cold and raining outside? I'm all for wrapping up warm and putting on the wellies and raincoats but sometimes it's nicer to stay snuggled inside in the warm.

Strolling through the woods and chasing squirrels up trees!

The children have been collecting conkers recently. On the way to and from school in the afternoons they have filled the basket of the pushchair with conkers and we have been looking into things that we can do with them. One picture that has popped up a lot recently is the conker caterpillar, which is very effective.

Also conker spiders with pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes are also simple but effective crafts too.

These craft ideas along with instructions can be found at

There are also lots of leaf art crafts to try out too. Whether it's making pictures from various different sizes and colours of leaves or painting them and doing leaf printing.

One other craft is bird feeders with pine cones. Gather up some fir cones and tie string around the end. Smother the pine cone in peanut butter and then roll in some bird seed. Then hang them in the garden for the birds.

More woodland walking!

Whatever you decide to do, days in are more likely than days out over the Winter months, unless you wrap up warm and go on an adventure well prepared. We live near the local woodland and will no doubt do autumn walks through the woods to collect up some supplies for our craft days. We will be armed with our welly boots and rainsuits!

Oh and some hot chocolate for when we get home again.

A warm mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top. 

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