Monday, 27 October 2014

Half Term and Halloween. Halloween outfits purchased, pumpkin picking at Crockford Bridge Farm and pumpkin carving time including Darth Vader and a camper van!. Fireworks, trick or treat and more!

Our family of pumpkins!

Yes Half Term is here. The clocks went back yesterday which means the evenings are getting darker earlier. The kiddies have been going on about Halloween for weeks now and we finally got the 2 girls a costume each from Tesco. Thing 4 now wants a pumpkin costume and I am sure the shops are going to be extra busy this week and Halloween costume stocks will be depleting fast.

Halloween always comes and goes in the blink of an eye. The children get so excited. The costumes have been in the shops for a while and inevitably we end up buying them an outfit so they can go out trick or treating. We only take them down our road and an adjacent street. They only ever knock on the door where we can see they have also done something for Halloween or they have children and we know them.

Another thing the children enjoy doing is picking and carving the pumpkins. Last year instead of buying them from the supermarkets I wanted to go somewhere we could pick our own pumpkins. I found Crockford Bridge Farm in Addlestone and we set off.

At the pumpkin patch.

It looked amazing. There were so many pumpkins to choose from in size, shape and colour. There was lots of activities going on too and I was so pleased we had chosen to go and pick our pumpkins. We, sadly, haven't made the same trip this year. I wanted to but time has slipped away from us and we can't fit a trip in. However, if you can and you are nearby you must go.

Decisions, decisions! Which pumpkin do we choose?

Our pumpkin carving has also stepped up a gear too. Gone are the pumpkins with triangle eyes, square noses and wonky teeth. Things got serious! The OH got adventurous with a Darth Vader and Ghostbusters carving. I then had to up my game. not that I am competitive or anything! I went for the camper van pumpkin. The children just wanted a happy pumpkin so I carved a smiley face into one of the smaller pumpkins. I have another creation in mind too which I will reveal later on in the week, unless it goes wrong then no one is seeing it!!!

Our pumpkin carvings! 

It's also Bonfire night next week so I am sure there will be a few displays happening over this coming Halloween weekend as well as the weekend after. We have our annual firework display at Nanny and Grandad's house planned. This involves tomato soup and a warm roll, followed by bratwurst then the all important firework display and sparklers before finishing off with marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Its fun for the kiddies, we just have a few small fireworks but enough to keep the kiddies happy that they have seen some and the food is always delicious and warming.

As well as all of that, Thing 3 is off to the cinema today to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which we have been told is very good. We also have lunch at Nanny's today too.

I also have to find an outfit for a wedding and get my hair done before Saturday but on a limited budget.Good luck with that one I hear you cry! I need to find some time without children to go and find a dress, that's just impossible! Impossible to find time without children and probably impossible to find a dress that I like too.

As well as Thing 4's fifth birthday this weekend too. He wants a Minecraft diamond sword and some Marvel Mashers. Plus a chocolate birthday cake. I'm sure I can arrange that!

It's busy, busy here. I hope you all have lots of fun things planned over the Half Term/Halloween/Bonfire week ahead and stay safe too.

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