Thursday, 25 September 2014

The 25 stone Mum on benefits who wants to lose weight debate. She doesn't need more government help, she needs support and to be encouraged to go in the right direction which will give her a healthier lifestyle outcome.

I watched This Morning today to see the interview with the 25 stone lady who has been in the press a lot over the past few days after it was claimed she was asking for more handouts from the government so she can lose weight. I will be honest and say I didn't read all of the articles but saw plenty of them being shared on my FB newsfeed and a lot of people saying how it's disgusting that she should be asking for more when she already gets X amount in benefits anyway. I do agree.

However, from today's interview on This Morning I can conclude that things may have been reported wrongly by the press, or she said things that she didn't mean or were taken the wrong way. She doesn't want more money, she did say that she wanted an incentive to lose the weight but also said how difficult it was for her to even leave the house.

As well as being quite breathless and physically unfit due to her size it was also the issue of the looks, stares and taunts that she received on stepping out of the house that stopped her from doing so. She would get to the front door and then think No, I don't want to go out there and face the hate that people aim towards me because of my size. So she would stay indoors and comfort eat.

I can see how easy it can be to fall into this vicious cycle. The lady mentioned that from the age of 6 she was always on the larger size than others and it continued over the years. Also without any physical exercise combined with the comfort eating then nothing is going to change.

It's also easy to blame the pressures and stresses of every day life on the way we eat too. Living on a junk food diet she also claims that personal life and the daily dealings of issues with family members means that she is caring for them and so can't get a job to pay towards things, yet it's also claimed she spends £300 a month on junk food which could easily be used towards a healthier diet for herself.

Whilst I agree that she is visibly upset by her size and she also stated that she wanted to lose weight, she wanted to change and she wanted to do it herself. She didn't want surgery or a gastric band. She wanted to do the work for herself. She stated that gym membership was too much for her to pay out too, which is understandable but there is so much more she can do to lose the weight without needing a gym membership.

As Katy Hopkins said, and I was pleasantly surprised with her this morning!, just walking a few extra steps a day and seeing what you have achieved will really build your confidence and give you a boost. Healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive and it's all down to portion control eating the right foods and the willpower to stay away, or at least only have a little of the naughty foods. Sometimes we need to be shown what is right or wrong to eat, what is healthier and what isn't so healthy. If your diet hasn't been so good it's difficult to get into a whole new routine, choose better foods and also cooking new recipes is daunting too when you don't know where to start.

I do wish the lady all the best in her quest to lose the weight. It will be tough going, nothing is easy about losing weight. As well as healthy eating it takes determination and willpower. She needs to stop being so hard on herself and hold her head high when she goes out the front door. Don't let the haters get to you and go out for a walk or go for a swim (which she said she enjoyed doing). Buddy up with someone who can boost your confidence and also be there for you when you need them.

I also believe a slimming group could help. There are always vouchers in magazines for free or discounted joining fee's, the weekly meetings are great and really help with advice and support and there are a lot of people who have lost an incredible amount of weight just from attending these groups alone.

Check out Catherine Powell's amazing 10 stone weight loss here with just a Slimming World group and an exercise bike!;

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  1. I saw the interview too.....I was so surprised with Katie Hopkins showing her nicer side....Good luck to the woman. She does just need a little help.