Wednesday, 17 September 2014

gNappies release new Autumn collection nappies including new for Autumn 2014 the nappies now come in XL size too, including Game On, Gorgeously Girly and more.

Having followed gNappies since I discovered them early in 2013 I am always keen to see what the new collections brings. I have not been disappointed this season.

Today's new releases feature Gumdrop Purple, Galoshes Green, Gigabyte Blue, Game on, Gorgeously Girly and some adorable Gorgeously Girly legwarmers. Quite disappointing that there is a lack of gLegs for the boys unless there are some to come?

The new colours and prints now also come in the XL size and I have heard that all existing colours will also be available in XL from the end of Oct.

Game On and Gigabyte Blue

Galoshes Green and Gumpdrop Purple

Gorgeously Girly print with matching gLegs leg warmers

gNappies always aim to bring something new and different to the collection. I have found gNappies to be one of the best reuseable nappies I have used alongside other brands. Game On is a favourite of mine, although if I had a girl I would be buying the Gorgeously Girly set for sure!

All colours and prints are available now from and are priced at £14.95 for the solid colours and £17.95 for the prints. The gLegs are £9.95. 

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