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REVIEW POST; Introducing the CYBEX Solution Q-Fix Group 2 car seat. From approx. 3 up to 12 years. Thing 4, aged 4 years was chief tester!

We recently received a Cybex Solution Q Fix car seat at the Mum of Five house to review and I have to say I am so impressed. With three children still in car seats and having used various makes and models in the past we were pleased to find one that was so easy to fit in the car yet so versatile in its use.

Thing 4, aged 4 years was using a high back booster seat before and I was looking at replacing it as it was looking a bit tired and worn. I also didn't like the fact that he never really look that comfortable in it and we never seemed to have him sitting and strapped in quite right, which isn't good when you are off out in the car. Car seat safety being at the front of every parents mind when it comes to choosing the appropriate car seat for their child.

The Cybex Solution Q Fix in situ in the car and with its chief tester.

When we were offered the chance to review the Cybex Solution Q Fix we accepted. From the information given it looked good and we couldn't wait to receive it. Once it arrived we took it out of the box. It was in two pieces, the booster seat style base and the back. Taking a quick glance at the instructions, which were very easy to follow, the OH fitted the seat in seconds. With illustrative pictures as well as written instructions in the manual we found it very easy to connect the two parts of the seat together and then use the Isofix points to fit it in our car, a 2014 Ford Galaxy.

The car seat also came with a handy information sheet on all different makes and models of cars and where the seat can be fitted in each car when using the Isofix Connect feature. Ours, for example, can only have it fitted in the middle row of seats as there are no Isofix points in the back two seats. The chart was very handy though as we were unsure at first where it could be situated in our car.

The Isofix points in place in our car. They were very easy to locate and install, however you can also use the Isofix guides if needed.

 We have done many short journeys since the car seat arrived and one long journey in which Thing 4 fell asleep. Usually his head would be all over the place with the movement of the car and the lack of any real head support in his old car seat. There was none of this with the Cybex Solution Q-Fix. Thanks to its patented head protection and optimised reclining head rest, Thing 4 was comfortable whilst he snoozed and his head was nice and snug, so no achey neck! There is 3 positions on the head rest.

Alongside the headrest feature is also an array of other features including;

  • Automatic height and width adjustment (11 positions)
  • Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus)
  • ISOFIX Connect System
  • Air ventilation system

In order to provide the best possible protection and comfort for the entire duration of use, the Cybex Solution Q-fix car seat features an integrated height and width adjustment - a new safety function for flexible and optimal alignment of the seat to the child's size. With a one-handed mechanism and 11 adjustment possibilities, the height and width of the seat can be adjusted simultaneously. The seat can grow up to 8 cm in width and up to 20 cm in height. The child thereby always remains in the optimal protection zone of the head and shoulder protectors and never feels constricted, even towards the end of the usage period.

The air ventilation system provides a comfortable seating temperature even on hot days. There is a mesh of ventilation channels that run through the backrest and seat components. Air can circulate through ventilation holes on the front of the seat and under the seat cover, and is channeled away from the child by additional openings in the backrest. This ensures a comfortable sitting temperature even on hot days.

The L.S.P System Plus is extra side impact protection that fits easily to the side of the seat. The new width adjustment as well as the L.S.P work together to systematically reduce the force of a side impact collision, at the same time the body's kinetic energy resulting from an accident is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively directed into a secure position.

Side view of the Solution Q Fix car seat. Here you can see the L.S.P side impact protection and the Isofix points. 

The Isofix Connect system is very straightforward and easy to use, with an easy one-click installation. They also fold away underneath the car seat base when not in use or for when the seat is used in cars where Isofix isn't available. 

We could have used the seat without the Isofix fitting. If we had put the car seat in one of the two back seats in our car then Isofix wouldn't have been an option but I preferred to make full use of the Isofix as it made the seat feel a lot more sturdy and fixed into the car, something that our old car seat lacked a lot.

There are two fabrics variations for the Q Fix car seat. The comfort version comes in ten cosy and comfortable colour combinations. Q Fix Plus comes with a more rugged, hard wearing twill effect in a denim look and is available in five different colours. 

Car seat specifications are;

·   Length: L 41.2 cm, W 52.9/61.2 cm, H 61.9-81.7 cm
·   Weight: 7.2 kg
Our overall verdict is that the Cybex Solution Q Fix gets a huge thumbs up from us. The Isofix Connect that was so simple to use makes it easy and quick to move it from car to car if need be and also means it has a secure fix when situated in the car. The fully adjustable seat height and width was also very easy to use and we could adjust it to the right level we needed to ensure Thing 4 was comfortable and the head rest was situated at the right height for him and would continue to do so as he grows. As it is also a Group 2 car seat it will also last up to age 12 years so it is a long lasting car seat when used in the correct way so well worth the initial investment. 

Full details can be found here at; Cybex Online. The RRP for the car seat is £190 and can be found at many leading retailers including Mamas and Papas and Mothercare. 

CYBEX have also recently been awarded 2 Which? Best Buy awards for the Autumn Gold Aton Q (with Isofix Base-Fix) £295 and the Autumn Gold Aton Q, £185 

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  1. Nice car seat, I like its colors, very harmonious!