Friday, 15 August 2014

Back to School time. The vital piece of uniform that always lets you down, or falls down anyway! Introducing LITTLE GRIPPERS socks, the socks that stay put! Ideal for school, sports and also a baby & toddler range.

So here's how it goes. You go into school on your first day, brand new uniform, perfectly plaited hair, neatly packed book bags and your Mum crying because you're still her baby.

On the way out you look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards, you've lost your new cardigan, you now have one plait and the other side of your hair is loose and then your Mum spies your socks.

Those gorgeous knee length socks that looked so perfectly lined up at the knee and pure white are now slouching around your ankles and grubby grey and your Mum puts her head in her hands!

My Mum was obsessed with knee length socks but then 'back in the day' I think we all wore them. I spent most of my school days pulling them up to my knees again as they kept slipping down my legs and they would soon end up overstretched due to all of the pulling on them and they just fell down even more. So we then took to rolling them down anyway because they were so annoying.

The wonderful people at Little Grippers have solved the problem! This is how it works;

Little Grippers “Stay On Technology” is a performance enhancing, natural, adhesive silicon applied to our products by robots. It gently adheres to skin leaving no residue. It sticks rather than grips, thereby minimising pressure and discomfort, moving and stretching, acting as a second skin.It is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, and is dermatologist approved providing no skin sensitisation or irritation. Our “Stay On Technology” is anti slip, long lasting and renews itself with each wash. It is machine washable and proven to survive extensive wash and wear tests.
Not only do they do school socks but also sports socks, baby and toddler socks and baby gifts. I was sent the school socks to review and thought it perfect timing to do it now so we can all get prepared for when September and Back to School comes around. Thing 2 and Thing 3 were my helpers for this review and we were sent shoe sizes 8.5-12.5 and 12.5-3.5. When they arrived I unpackaged them and gave them a good stretch and a feel! They felt really soft and comfy and are made from 74% Cotton, 24% Polyamide, 2% Elastane for the black, white and navy colours and 47% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 23% Polyamide, 1% Elastane for the grey marl colour. 

L-R; navy knee high. nlack over the knee and white knee high socks

Each sock has the size clearly knitted on the sole for easy pairing, something that I hate doing in this house especially if everyone has the same colour socks! They also have the Gecko knitted on the bottom of each sock too.

The bottom of the socks are clearly marked with size

The big test was, do they really stay up all day?. After spending my school years as mentioned above I didn't believe that there was a sock capable of staying put but Little Grippers really do stay put. Thanks to its Stay On Technology it really works. Thing 4, aged 8 years, says that when she first put them on it felt a bit weird but she soon forgot about the silicon strip inside the sock and the socks did stay up, all day. There was no pulling up of socks, no itchy legs as they slipped down.

Thing 4 tried them out and loved them.

As well as ankle socks I have also found in the past that there are also ankle socks that like to slip down and into the back of your shoe making walking very uncomfortable and so Little Grippers also do ankle socks as well as stay put baby and toddler socks. Hopefully stopping the pulling off of socks but little ones who then like to throw them on the floor when out and about and you end up with odd socks all over the place and not a pair to wear! 
I would highly recommend these socks for all ages. I love the knee high socks as they look lovely and smart for school and I'm also keen to get my hands on some toddler socks for Thing 5 who is forever taking his socks off!

All available at Little Grippers

                                                     Some of the baby socks that are available.

Unisex sports socks are £9 a pair and available in red, royal blue, navy, black and white. 
Girls knee high socks are £4 a pair and available in black, navy, grey and white. 
Boys knee high socks are also £4 and available in grey and black. Boys short socks are also £4 and available on grey and black. 
Girls over the knee socks are available at £5 a pair and come in navy, black, white and grey. 
Baby and Toddler socks are available in 22 different colours and designs and vary in price from £3.50 for plain colours, £4 for patterns and £5 for warm and cosy socks. They also come on gift sets of 3 pairs in various colours and designs per pack. In sizes Newborn up to 2-3 years.
In December 2013 Little Grippers also won a Hat Trick of awards from Bizzie Baby including a Gold award for their girls knee high socks and Silver awards for their boys school ankle socks and also the baby/toddler socks.

Sports socks are also available. 


  1. These sound great! My youngest is forever pulling her socks up.

  2. I think I'll invest in some of these for my baby boy this winter. Thanks!xx #triedtested

  3. I knew Little Grippers did baby socks but I didn't realise they did school socks too - I am definitely going to get some! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested