Thursday, 5 June 2014

NEW PRODUCT; The Food Snood. Breastfeeding scarf, stylish yet effective breastfeeding cover designed by a WAHM.

Introducing The Food Snood! A fantastic new baby product created by a work at home Mum. It is a fantastic scarf for Mum which turns into a breastfeeding cover when needed for when you are feeding baby.

I know a lot of ladies are quite happy to feed their baby out and about wherever they are but some Mummies feel the need to cover up or just because they prefer to. Either way is fine in my eyes, feeding a baby is the most natural thing in the world but if covering up is what you do then The Food Snood is for you. Even if you don't usually cover up The Food Snood is ideal for the coming summer months when a bit if shade is needed too.

A very stylish yet effective breastfeeding cover and scarf it is ideal as a gift for a new Mummy or Mum-to-be.

Worn as an infinity scarf but when unlooped once and transferred to one shoulder and opened out into an amazing breastfeeding cover for times when you wish to be discreet in nursing your baby. The circular design means your cover goes around your body, it can't be lifted up, pulled off or blown up like other available covers.

Worn as a stylish scarf means it is always at hand for when feeding on demand.

Made from top quality knit fabric which allows them to be cool in Summer and warm in Winter. They drape beautifully and allow stretch but keep their shape and wash really well at low temperatures.

The Food Snood will also be available in Food Snood XL which is double the width. ideal for new Mums who may not be so confident in getting an easy latch or those who wish to have full torso coverage.

Many patterns will be available shortly if you have any requests or questions please follow The Food Snood on Twitter for upcoming events and news.

The big Launch Party takes place on their Facebook page on Friday 13th June from 7.30pm. Prices are £15 for a Food Snood and £25 for an XL Food Snood. Launch Party special prices of £9.99 and £19.99 are available on the first 20 Food Snoods which are exclusives and the prints will not be repeated. See the Facebook page for full Launch Party details and T's and C's.

Following the Launch Party The Food Snood will have a stock album on their Facebook page which will hold 10 ready made items which will be available to post the next working day. Custom orders will be made via a waiting list system for specific requests. Some fabrics will be limited edition and will only be available once or twice so if you like a snood be sure to buy before you are disappointed and it's snapped up!

The Food Snood will also be focusing on prints and fashion trends and will soon be creating a range of hand dyed Snoods both tie dye and ice dye. Just watch their Facebook page or Twitter for updates on this.

You could also pick out a pattern to match a particular outfit or to wear out for a special occasion, why stop at one Food Snood!


  1. This is a great idea, good for those who want some privacy.

  2. fab idea, I know a couple of people who would have liked these when there babas were small