Saturday, 31 May 2014

My weight loss journey update. I've amazed myself and hit my Slimming World target but now still a little way to go with a new target, let's get on it!

Back in March I blogged about my weight loss journey. I started back in January 2014 and things started slow. After I joined Slimming World it seemed that every weekend was filled with a birthday, wedding, rare night out with friends. I'm sure everyone was against me but it was just the way things worked out!

I also blogged about Adam Richman from the TV series Man Vs Food. After ending his stint as presenter of the show he went on his own weight loss journey with amazing results.

I also browsed the internet and read about alot of Slimming World journeys that others had made, it really motivated me more to want to reach my target.

By the time I wrote my blog in March I had lost my first half a stone and it felt good. I was so motivated by the certificate and sticker I got when I reached my half stone award, lol!

I had got into a good routine with my eating. Before I started my weight loss journey I would regularly skip breakfast, grab crisps and chocolate for lunch and then miss dinner, all the time I had been grazing all day on rubbish. Now I manage to grab a breakfast whether it's only fruit because its a hectic morning or cereals, yoghurts or maybe the odd healthier version of a cooked breakfast. I cut out the crisps and chocolate and learnt to find other healthier things that could still satisfy a sweet craving. I wasn't always 100% good, who is??! The odd chocolate bar may have slipped through the net, you can't deny yourself a treat if you have been invited out to eat but I learnt to choose better options off of the menu.

So, approx. four and a half months on I reached my one and half stone award. I wanted to set myself a target I hoped I could reach rather than set my sights too high and never reach it. At the start I was 11 stone 1 lb and a size 16. I had 5 children and was too busy being a Mum to even take notice on what had happened to my poor body. I just carried on buying the Size 16's, mainly jeans and dark coloured clothing.

We had to write a small note on a piece of paper when we started Slimming World about what we wanted to achieve. I wrote 'to be a Yummy Mummy, not a slummy Mummy'!

My weight loss journey was as follows;

12th March 2014; 1/2 stone award
2nd April 2014; 1 stone award
9th April 2014; Club 10 award
21st May 2014; 1 1/2 stone award. 

Club 10 award is when you lose 10% of your original body weight. As I mentioned previously, I was like a child when it came to my stickers and certificates! I would come home from group and pin them to the fridge to remind myself of what I had achieved and so that I hopefully don't go back there.

As of 21st May I had reached 9 stone 7 lbs, I was so happy. At the end of April I had bought a Size 14 pair of jeans and mid May I decided I wanted some new black jeans to wear out for my birthday. I picked up a pair of Size 14s and for a laugh I thought I would take a Size 12 in with me but only to see myself struggle as they got wedged on my legs. They didn't! I was so happy and even the Size 12 tops fitted. I ended up buying 2 new outfits and could have easily bought more! However, as it was also birthday week it meant that I may have over indulged on cake and eating out. So I need to get back on track to reach my next small target I have set.

Everyone in the group are fab and so supportive, if you are having a bad week they are there to give you advice, meal suggestions and help you to think positively about the week ahead.

After reaching my target I decided that I still wanted to lose a bit more. Although I am really happy with what I have achieved and if I can't shift this last little bit I won't think I have failed.

So there it is, my weight loss journey, if I can do it anyone can.

My Before and After photo's


  1. Wow, well done you! You look amazing (definitely my inspiration right now!) - it must feel great getting the awards for 1/2 stone etc... as I'm doing this without a club or group I think I'm going to make my own awards to spur myself on! lol xx

  2. Wow so amazing!! You truely are inperational! I hope I can get to where you are now :D I'm so pleased for you!

  3. WOW I am so very very proud of you. Well done! You deserve more than a few encouraging words and a pat on the back this is AMAZING> I am sending a huge virtual congrats hug! You look amazing. And keep up the good work. I always feel like this with birthdays and weddings and nights out dinners here and there it's never ending and I wish I could be smart and just so no to the bad food and no to the desserts its hard. But like you said I think it's having a good eating routine that helps. Mr P loves his sweets so they are in the house and when they are I have no self control. Wish I did. But I am so proud of you and your have accomplished a lot in a little time whatever your new goal is you can do it girl I know it!!! Thank you for linking up to Share With Me I hope you like it and hope to see you again at LTM. #sharewithme

  4. Wow, you can see a big difference, well done. Mich x