Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Being told to apologise yet others won't do the same after they are rude about you. Why is this ok? Is it ok?

Is it ok? Maybe it is. Maybe, yet again, I am in the wrong for thinking that if you are told to apologise to someone for being rude and abrupt to them, which I admitted I had been, you then expect others to do the same after you find them being rude about you.

This is what happened to me this week. It was Monday morning, most mornings aren't good mornings for me, I don't wake up fully until I've managed to get the children out of the door to various schools, nursery or college and then I've managed to eat and have a cup of tea. However, Monday mornings are the worst, I'm sure people will agree.

So, on a particularly bad Monday morning I was rude and abrupt to someone, it was picked up by a few people and I also admitted that I had indeed been too hasty in what I had said and I apologised to the lady in question.

However, after this happened and I was also reprimanded for being rude and abrupt, some of these people decided that they would be rude about me, name calling etc.... Last time I heard name calling was between some children in the school playground and I thought we had left that behind when we were kids, obviously not.

Now, I'm not annoyed at the name calling, if they want to call me a (quote) fruit cake and a jumped up little so and so they can go ahead, I've been called worse by worse people. If they want to poke fun at my blog, go ahead. I do it for fun, I do it to fill some time, I certainly don't think it's anything special AT ALL. Go ahead, go poke fun all you like. If this is the way this certain person works in their highly professional capacity then go for it. Although not very professional in many peoples eyes.

Did I cry into my pillow last night about it, No. Did I fret over what they had said, No. Did I name call back even after I apologised, No. Why? This is why, because I realised that they were in the wrong, I realised that I am the better person for apologising and realising my mistake and admitting that I was rude.

These people haven't apologised, I asked them to apologise after I read what they had written about me but I received no response.

So maybe I am wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have expected an apology. What these people think is that it is OK to name call and poke fun at someone and not expect to apologise, but hide away instead.

As I said I'm not bothered by the name calling or the poking fun, although it was uncalled for. I'm bothered by the fact that they expected an apology from myself for being rude and said that I shouldn't have been rude and then did exactly the same to me, thinking that I wouldn't see.

I've got far, far more concerns in my life other than this, like wondering whether I should shave the hair off my toes or continue to plait it as usual. Or now I carry my highly acclaimed 'fruit cake' status I am thinking of walking around talking to myself and jumping out from behind bins to scare people about town.

What I thought though is that an apology wasn't too much to ask.

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology,

you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.” 

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” 

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