Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The lowdown and review of the Stokke Scoot, coming from a Stokke Xplory lover. How will it compare to the best that Stokke can offer?!

As seen on my previous blog post; Stokke Obsession! I am a HUGE fan of the Stokke Xplory. One of the best prams I have owned and I've had quite a few prams in my time, including around 15 Xplory's!. In fact I started writing a list the other day and every time I remember another pram I have owned I add it on. The list currently stands at 81 prams over 5 children but I seem to remember more every day! There are still more I would like to try out too, there are so many on the market nowadays to choose from that there are some I haven't tried, believe it or not!!

So, my current pram is the Stokke Scoot. I chose the new Urban Blue colour which is gorgeous and very eye catching. I was in the market for something small folding. Although I walk everywhere and it's nice to have a big pram, when it comes to going out in the car we have no space for a big pram. I would love to have a big pram for walking and a smaller one for the car but my OH is a meany!

So I wanted something that looked good, still faced forward and rearward and was a bit more substantial than a stroller and I found it!

Stokke market the Scoot as an urban, compact stroller. I agree with them and they have got their wording  right. It's compact when folded. In fact its one of the very few pushchairs I have found that will fit in the boot of a Vauxhall Zafira with all 7 seats up (in 2 piece fold). However, it is in no way a lightweight stroller. Weighing in at an impressive, and slightly overweight, 11.8 kg it is nearly the same weight as the bigger Xplory which weighs in at 12.1 kg, whilst the Scoot still tries to claim a nippy stroller status.

On the nursery walk through the woods, it handles well. 

It is lovely to push although I sometimes find I'm losing control slightly when pushing one handed. You soon get used to the feel of each pushchair and over time I fell in love. It is slightly heavier than other lightweight strollers when it comes to lifting up kerbs etc..... but it becomes less noticeable the more you use it and get used to it.

It has active and rest positions only, no in between. This is fine it works, I know some children prefer only a slight recline but my son is either awake, or very rarely, asleep in the pushchair so it works for us.

Other features of the Scoot include lockable swivel wheels, a generous shopping basket, raincover & mosquito net included in the package, protective hood and visor, multi position footrest and it still has a decent higher seating position than other strollers. Also available as an extra is the Scoot soft bag which makes the seat suitable from newborn and the soft bag can be used up to approximately 6 months.

Lockable front wheels

A huge bonus on the Xplory is the seating height which you couldn't get with a stroller, however the Scoot still has a high enough seating position that we could push it in at a table and use it as a seat for our son. This was always fab when I lowered the seat on the Xplory and used it this way so I was pleased the Scoot could be used in the same way, even if it didn't then go as high as the Xplory seat afterwards.

It is very easy to fold in one piece although we need it in two pieces to fit in the car, both ways are quick and easy to do. The fabrics are easy to hand clean if need be and it is easy to change the seat from rearward to forward facing too.

Folded in one piece and two pieces for comparison

Overall, it's fab. I've renamed it a 'tweenie' pushchair as it is not a big pram but it isn't a lightweight stroller either. I've given it a whole pram section of it's own!. I didn't want a stroller but I couldn't have a big pram for the car, this gives me the best of both worlds. I feel like I'm pushing a well built, sturdy pushchair whilst still having the benefits of a stroller and I can take it in the car too!

Stokke Scoot, sorry but the Xplory will always be my first love and will always be Stokke's favourite child but for a stroller category pram, you ticked all of the boxes for us whilst still giving us a decent sized, comfortable ride. 

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