Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My shoe obsession, but I don't spoil myself any more! Neglecting myself by buying cute little kiddies Converse, Vans, Uggs, Nike Air Jordans and more! What's on my child's feet and never paying full price!!

Two separate shoe collections! 

Yes I'm obsessed. I'm always browsing the Internet for new releases, what looks good, what colours are in this season. Is this for me though, nooooooo!

When I was younger I played shoes shops with my cousins, I would swap shoes with my best friend at school, I would go to the shops with my parents and tantrum if I didn't get the pair of shoes I had just seen and fallen in love with. When I got a Saturday job I went to the Curtess shoe shop which was a few doors from where I worked and bought my first pair of platforms that I wore to school. Yes, you all remember Curtess and you all bought some platforms too!

So why am I not buying myself all the gorgeous shoes that are out there for us ladies now. Yes I look, yes I drool and yes I wish. However, I get drawn to the cute little kiddies shoes and by the time I have bought shoes for all the little feet in the house there is no pennies left for gorgeous shoes for me!

I slob about in 1 of 3 pairs of Vans, I have a couple of pairs of heels that see the light of day on a rare night out and a pair of wellies!! How sad for someone who is so shoe obsessed. I am lucky that I have such small feet that I can still buy shoes from the children's section making them half the price than if you buy from the ladies section. Unfortunately this only applies to trainers, casual shoes etc.... Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik don't have a cheaper, kiddies size section!!

Kickers bought for school, I love the brown leather and denim combination on these

It's my own fault though. Since my youngest started walking I have been lured back into the world of cute toddler shoes. Yes I've been through it before but when child number 4 is now sporting Adidas Hulk trainers that are the size of boats the cuteness factor wears off slightly! Child number 5 now has a collection that is starting to resemble Imelda Marcos, well not quite, but for a child with only one pair of feet it's getting out of hand! He does wear hand me downs, he was given some wellies and slippers which were very handy but I didn't keep any shoes from my older son to hand down.

So, he started walking back in November. Even before then he had a pair of Converse that he had worn but not walked in, then he outgrew them before he had started walking. What was the point?! Since then his collection has grown and he currently owns 8 pairs of shoes. That's more than me! :-(

He currently has 2 pairs of Nike Air Jordans, 2 pairs of Vans, 2 pairs of Converse, 1 pair of Adidas, and a pair of Startrite shoes. One pair of Converse are The Simpsons Converse, you get drawn to them in the shop window and then you need to go home and find them online but cheaper, or with a discount code.

Converse are a favourite. When my others were younger they had Cat in the Hat design Converse, these were very cute and they had a few different designs. My daughter had gold glitter ones which looked cute too. They cover toddlers size 2 right up to adults sizes so you never have to be without a pair in your shoe cupboard!

Cat in The Hat Converse from their 2010 collection.

Nike Air Rifts are also a favourite. The children have had them in the past as have I and also hubby. They are comfortable, quick and easy to put on with velcro fastening and they look good.

Blake's current pair of Nike Air Jordans

I never buy unless they are on offer or if I find a discount code. I also buy next sizes up in the sales so that when their feet grow (and they do, too often!) then I have a pair ready rather than having to go out and ending up paying full price. With 5 children there is always a child whose feet have grown and they need a new pair of trainers, school shoes etc....

The girls currently wear Ugg boots as their main pair of shoes. Again these were bought at a local Ugg outlet shop. I fell in love and when Clarks are £50+ now for a pair of girls boots I would rather buy Uggs for the same price! My younger daughter has also got a pair of Lelli Kelly hi tops. Yes that annoying advert that we all hate but still sing along to. They want a pair of Lelli Kellys that are all bright and sparkly sequinned but really they are just as obsessed with the make up mobile that you get free. Again, these were bought at half price in the winter sales, I wouldn't pay full price for them!

William in his Ugg boots at age 2 and age 4 years. 

I say I wouldn't pay full price for them. I am that obsessed with shoes that if I desperately wanted them then I probably would pay full price however I very, very rarely need to. I'm up for a bargain, I like the sales and I am obsessed with discount codes! So most if not all shoes that I buy are discounted, half price or even more, or from an outlet store. Which makes me very happy!

The one pair I didn't buy was a pair of Armani Junior purple leopard print hi top concealed wedge shoes for my 7 year old when we were in Harrods over Christmas. Why, because they were £125 and that was half price, even more importantly I had my husband and parents with me. If they weren't there you all know what would have happened!!!! (Still lust after them, and a pair in my size too!)

The purpose of my post. To let you know the array of wonderful shoes that are out there. My toddlers feet are already growing fast and I predict he is going to be a big foot like his brother. This is my 4 year old who currently has the same size feet as his 7.5 year old sister!

If you can, shop around, buy in the sales, buy bigger to keep for when their feet grow and always search online for discount codes. There are always codes about for various different online stores at different times. Also if you can, wait. I saw a pair of Vans that I wanted but refused to pay full price, a month later they went in the sale at 50% off. That was a lonnnnggggg wait for a shoe lover!!! :-D

Blake recently in his Vans

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