Friday, 11 October 2013

Dare I say it? Getting ready for Christmas! It's that time of year, time to buy, hide and store presents and survive Christmas chaos (organised honestly!) Some presents purchased and Santa at Harrods booked, yippeee!

Yes it's that time of year already. If I had one present to buy I would be out on Christmas Eve dodging crazed husbands who have forgotten to buy what their wives had asked for and fighting for the last dressing gown or pair of fluffy slippers on the shelf, I'm sure the OH would really appreciate those fluffy slippers too!

However, I have five children to buy for plus family and friends. I have Christmas plays, performances and sing songs to arrange my social life around rather than drunken work parties and weekend Christmas meals and drinks with family and friends, waking up the next day and forgetting who you even spoke to the night before. What has my life become?!

Anyway, the present buying has begun. Not because I am super organised, because I am not. I am the most unorganised person ever. I am amazed I get out of the door in the mornings with my hair tied back and some clothes on rather than my PJ's, I do manage it just. Even this week I haven't managed to get out of my PJ's though but then that's due to poorly children and having become housebound for the best part of nearly a week. My new friends, the four walls, don't say much so I have been able to talk freely amongst my new found group of 'friends'!!

Onto Christmas though, I do love this time of year. I don't like the cold weather that has crept up on us this week but then I should 'just put a jumper on' said in a stern voice aka hubby styley. I love the build up to Christmas which nowadays seems to start at the moment the children start back to school in September. First the cards crept onto the shelves then the wrap and tags crept out of the woodwork and before long we are plunged into whole aisles of festive delight in the supermarkets.

I had to be on the Harrods website super early back in September to book to go and see Santa, again not my super organised skills but if you don't book at that time then you don't go! I managed to get a Saturday which was good and so now our trip to London has turned into going to see Santa plus a trip on the London Eye in the dark afterwards and Nanny and Grandad are coming along too. I do look forward to it, OH thinks it's going to be busy as it's the last Saturday before Christmas but it will be lovely and festive too. I look forward to walking through the Christmas Market as well with the stalls of gifts and the smell of roast chestnuts and people drinking hot chocolate or a nice cup of mulled wine. This is probably our last trip to see Santa at Harrods as, although it has been our Christmas tradition since 2007, our eldest really doesn't want to see Santa anymore so I am dragging him along to get one last family photo of all five children and my job is done. I will have to think of something else for next Christmas to take the younger ones to.

Harrods is always a great day though. We go up and see Santa, look around the toy section, have lunch out and have a lovely day. Last year we ate in the Disney Cafe in Harrods which is highly recommended. Combined with the atmosphere of it all and seeing all of the excited children waiting to see him it's just lovely.

Meeting the fairy at Harrods Christmas Grotto

Mickey Mouse pizza at the Disney Cafe

Bumping into Jack Dee in Harrods Toy Department!

So, as I said, I have started purchasing already. Argos recently had 3 for 2 across all toys so that was taken advantage of, as was Smyths Toys 20% off. Yet again I am trying to shop only with offers or discount codes and so far so good. Boots 3 for 2 Christmas has also started across all of their Christmas gifts, toys etc.... and discount codes tend to pop up for supermarket websites as well as places like Disney Store, Toys r Us etc.... I will hopefully be able to update with offers and discount codes on the lead up to Christmas.

Before Christmas we still have one birthday coming up. Even though our 3 year old is still poorly it hasn't stopped him from adding to his birthday list! Currently standing at a Darth Vader mask, a purple lightsaber, a Batman costume, some play dough and the all important Batman birthday cake.

Oh the excitement of it all. I will leave you with a small Xmas activity to get you in the festive mood. We made these last year and gave them to relatives as small gifts. Very effective decorations made with little hands. :-)

Recipe for Christmas gift success

One of our finished creations from last year

Multiple gifts ready to hang from the tree. Our youngest was only 4 months old and these were the perfect size for tree hanging Santas! 

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