Friday, 19 April 2013

Real Nappy Week, lots happening, lots of offers, competitions and the Clothopoly game!

So its Real Nappy Week (RNW) 2013. It has been running all week but you still have all weekend to take full advantage of all of the fab offers that are running from a lot of companies as well as giveaways, competitions etc....

Currently running is the RNW Clothopoly game.

Each nappy hanging on the line will take you to a retailers website and you have to look for a yellow nappy shape with a letter on it. Once found you need to copy the URL to the Clothopoly page and keep a note of the letter. I have currently found all of the letters but am stumped as to what the phrase says. I will keep at it though!

As well as Clothopoly there are different retailers doing competitions each day, today's are Tots Bots, Little Green Earthlets and Eco Egg, as well as a whole host of other things happening on retailers websites and/or Facebook pages.

The Clothopoly game gave me a real insight into how many cloth nappy retailers are out there. I had no idea there were so many retailers and I have also come across a few new brands that I hadn't heard of too. I am in no way a cloth nappy expert, I am currently using one brand of nappy but would like to try out some different brands so I am looking into a new purchase whilst the fantastic offers are currently running.

Some current offers being run at the moment are as follows; Up to 15% off Frugi nappies
                                 Up to 15% off liners
                                 Up to 25% off Itti Bitti Tutto nappies
                                 Up to 25% off Bambino Mio Solo nappies
                                 Up to 20% off Fuzzibunz nappies plus many, many more offers on Close, Bumgenius,                          
                                 Flip and much more 10% off everything 20% off with code RNW20 up to 40% off almost everything sitewide 20% off everything (not to be used in conjunction with other offers)

There are loads of other retailers including; and many, many more.

Different stockists carry different brands including Tots Bots, Bumgenius, gnappies, Close, Flip, Fuzzibunz, Itti Bitti, Bambino Mio, Charlie Banana, Wonderoos, Swaddlebees, Blueberry, Little Lamb, Motherease and more.

A recent nappy stuffing session including 2 new Frugi nappies ready to use. :-)

RNW has really opened my eyes to what is available and for those who think cloth nappies are hard work, they really aren't. Gone are the days of having nappy soup developing in a big bucket. Just get rid of waste down the toilet, put the soiled nappy in a dry bucket with a secure lid. One trick I learnt was to stick a panty liner on the inside of the lid and drop a few spots of lovely smelling oils on it, this will keep the bucket smelling nice until its wash time. I use a non bio washing powder and wash on a 40 degree wash and then I do a strip wash every so often to clear any build up of detergent so as to keep the nappy absorbency up. No fabric conditioner in with the wash. There are specific cloth nappy cleaning products on the market too. I sometimes add a bit of Napisan in with the wash but not always.

Also please don't forget custom nappy and wrap makers such as the wonderfully talented Dimplebum.  I am particularly loving the recent Room on the Broom design featured on their FB page as well as lots of lovely fabrics to choose from to have your very own custom nappies and wraps. Please pop over and Like their FB page and take a look at what is on offer.

Room on the Broom

My OH would love this Dr Who design!

Gorgeous Lion King design

(All Dimplebum photo's added here with permission)

Please, please if you are undecided try a trial kit, available at a lot of cloth nappy stockists, and see for yourself what cloth nappies are like to use. As well as helping the environment they look fab on, lots of fab colours and patterns available.

My youngest son sporting a Tots Bots Easyfit in Jack and the Beanstalk design.

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