Friday, 26 April 2013

Faraway fantasies of a new bathroom suite with Tots100 and BathShop321. :-)

Wow 4 hours to go, how did I miss this competition. It's worth a go but what can I do in such little time. With 7 people and one bathroom to fight over, our extension is well under way and a new bathroom looms in the distance. With a small space to contend with it will have to be a shower room.

My dreams for a shower each morning would be to walk out of my back door into my vast garden and to shower under a waterfall, a refreshing wake me up before a hectic school run.

Looks like it would be a refreshing wake up each morning!

Alas, this is not meant to be. With one bathroom already in full use by all 7 of us it resembles the toiletry aisles of the supermarket, with a toilet roll eating monster hidden under the bath I am sure. Gone are the days of a long soak in the bath surrounded by candles and a lovely scrumptious smelling, only for me, bubble bath.  My bathroom has been invaded by little people who only need the toilet when Mummy is in the bath. That important thing that happened at school today that they have had in their mind since 3pm to tell you about is now realllllllyyyyy important now that you have crept into the bath Mummy. Oh and if we could just jump in with you Mummy, it's not that we don't want you to have some time to yourself, we are saving water, honestly Mummy. My life resembles that of Mrs Large from the book Five Minutes Peace, the bathroom scene stands out amongst all others!

A typical bath time for Mum!

Anyway, unable to locate said waterfall in my minimalist back garden I have decided that the Galaxia Quadrant bathroom suite would be perfect for us. Incorporating the colours of my waterfall fantasy, maybe adding some green or blue tiles to the backdrop of the shower cubicle would really give it a lovely feel.

The gorgeous greens of this bathroom really reflect the luscious green colours of the plant life surrounding the waterfall and the TV's would certainly entice the children into bathing and brushing their teeth each morning and evening!

I also love the brickwork style of these tiles and the gorgeous aqua bluey colour would give a real surrounded by water feel to the shower.

The Galaxia bathroom suite from BathShop321, A fab suite with shower cubicle, just what a bathroom queuing family need!

With its corner style shower and tray this would be perfect for the space we have to work with. No more fighting over the bathroom with long queues that resemble the queue at a ladies public toilet! Also featuring 6mm safety glass and full height magnetic water seals this would be perfect for the over excited child that gets a bit too carried away with the inevitable singing/dancing in the shower whilst having a good scrub clean.

Our bathroom at the moment has some special features including state of the art sound system, built into a lovely scenic hole looking out over the whole street, lovely for the neighbours to look in and see us all trying out the new shower.

State of the art sound system, incorporated into a lovely scenic hole. 

We have also got a very open air feel about our new bathroom, my son is sporting the new 'going to use the bathroom in your coat' look, however if it rains its best just to strip off and enjoy the shower! You also have to access the new bathroom via the front door at the moment so it almost feels like you are heading out somewhere just to go to the bathroom! 

Grab your coat, I need the toilet! 

Finally, teddy is demonstrating the current state of our downstairs toilet facilities. Currently only used by teddy as I don't think the neighbours would appreciate seeing us on the potty in our open air, scenic bathroom suite. We wouldn't want to make them jealous after all! 

Teddy looks like he is quite happy with the facilities, although a little breezy perhaps. I think he is enjoying the state of the art music system though!

The builder has done an amazing job so far and my husband has worked every weekend as well as working during the week to lay the foundations himself as well as do all of the plumbing and electrical work. I have had to sit back helplessly and watch him try to fit everything in and work hard to make this dream happen but with a lot of stress along the way, as well as trying to keep the children in check and out of the way, I am not sure what they think is helping is actually doing anything except hinder unfortunately. 

So there we have it, as much as we love the 'different' look of our bathroom we think it would really benefit from a much nicer bathroom suite from BathShops321.

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