Monday, 4 March 2013

Our work here is done (kind of!) Bugaboo Bee review, Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag review and the OH's Maclaren BMW, it's a man's pram!

Oh yay, you hear us cry. Well OH in particular. After having a week off work and then working harder at home than he does at work, he has now probably gone to work for a rest! The foundation works is now done, the grab loader has just visited and removed most of the evidence from the front garden that we had ever dug up anything from the side of the house. We pumped concrete in on Friday, who knew that tonnes of concrete could take only 20 minutes to pump into huge trenches. I think the general consensus is that we will never do anything like this ourselves again. I think my poor Dad was broken but the bottle of whiskey we bought him as a thank you may help a bit.

Please note; the random shoe in the second picture isn't the only piece of OH left after the concrete was poured, honest! ;-)

So, its the builders turn to take over, put the floor in place and work his magic on building, whoop whoop. We can sit back and watch it take shape for a few weeks, and relax!

Now onto more interesting things. This week I am reviewing the Bugaboo Bee Plus and the Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bag. I have had a few prams and changing bags in my time and so I hope these reviews will be handy for making those vital decisions when choosing such items.

BUGABOO BEE PLUS. Depending on model, normal model is £479 and the limited edition models are £529, these prices are from and prices may vary from retailer to retailer. Mothercare, at the moment, have an offer on if you buy a Bugaboo Bee pushchair you get a free Maxi Cosi Cabriofix in Black Jacquard. Limited Edition models at the moment are the all black chassis and fabrics, the denim 107 and the Neon Pop collection. I have the Neon Pop colourway.

Features of the Bugaboo Bee Pushchair include;

Suitable from Birth
Compact and easy to fold
Reversible seat unit with 3 different seat positions
Lockable swivel wheels
Height adjustable handle
Compatible as a travel system with car seat adaptors (sold seperately)
Includes raincover with other accessories also available but sold seperately
Pushchair weight; 8.5kg
Folded measurements; 69cm depth, 53cm width and 79cm height

Pictured on our Bee is the Bee Cocoon (RRP £74.95), this is amazingly cosy with a fleece inside and head hugger cushion. We used ours from when Blake was 6 weeks old and it is still going well now he is 6 months old. It zips right down each side on the top cover and has adjustable buttons to be able to turn the top of the cover up or down slightly. It also has slits for the harness to pass through so baby is nice and secure. We have been using in rear facing mode for 90% of the time and only now as Blake gets older and more aware have we turned him around to face outwards, you still have the option for a full recline in either forward or rearward facing. The height adjustable handle bar is good and so easy to use, just undo the white clips, raise the handle up or down and then clip them back up again. The one hand seat recline is fab and this is also how you would remove the seat to turn it into either forward or rearward facing. The fabrics are lovely and easy clean too and the cocoon has recently gone through a wash no problems and came out looking lovely. The raincover is easy to use and fit, fab for when you are out and about and caught in a downpour, there is nothing worse than spending half an hour trying to fit a raincover when your poor bubba is getting soaked! The suspension is good too, the wheels are small and nippy but the suspension helps to give a smooth ride for its passenger and the lockable swivel wheels give the different options for manoeuvrability. It is a one piece fold and is easy to fold and unfold too. Its small folding which is great if you are limited on boot space and easy to carry once folded even with a baby under the over arm.

Overall, for a small and nimble pushchair this is fab. From birth it will take you right through to toddler, we recently used ours through London with our 3 yr old in to save his tired legs and it was fab and still felt easy to push with a heavier child in. This has stayed with us longer than most other pushchairs have and fits all our tick boxes of what we were looking for in a pram at the time. Big thumbs up Bugaboo, the Bee is a winner for us.

Other retailers for Bugaboo Bee are;, Winstanleys pram world, Glasgow pram Centre, John Lewis, Peppermint, Born, plus many more retailers.


Again, as with prams, I have had MANY changing bags too! Today's review is of the Pink Lining Yummy Mummy change bag. It is a lovely sized bag with many features including; 2 insulated bottle pockets, mobile phone pocket, pen loop, key/dummy fob, 2 nappy pockets, zip pocket, detachable mirror and also comes with a wet bag and changing mat. If like myself you use cloth nappies then I find this bag still has enough room to fit a couple of cloth nappies in ready to go as well as a spare outfit and all other baby paraphernalia needed to make it out of the house well prepared. The change mat is a good size and the wet bag is a bonus for any mishaps that may occur with clothing or wet dribbly bibs etc.... There are 2 outer pockets on each end of the bag and a small pocket to the front of the bag with the cupcake embroidery that features on the Yummy Mummy bag. It has 2 strong sturdy carry handles plus an adjustable shoulder strap too. Its canvas/laminate material makes for a good wipeable material when it is in need of a clean and it comes in a variety of patterns to suit each individual. Dimensions of the bag are Length 38cm, Height 28cm and Width 14cm, making it a good sized bag for one child. For twins or children closer in age they do a slightly larger Twins bag and they also do a variety of other bags to suit needs. I found the Yummy Mummy the perfect size for our needs although for a quick nip out there is also the mini Yummy Mummy which looks fab for a small trip out rather than taking the bigger bag. I have yet to see how much you can fit in one of these but could be good for another review.

Pink Lining retailers include;,,,, plus many more.

One more thing. Maclaren BMW. Once men were not interested in prams. They didn't care what pram you bought or what it looked like. You may have got a small male grunt of approval if they kind of liked it but that was all. However, stick a car badge on it and all of a sudden they are interested. Maclaren BMW has done this to my OH and he has even chosen which colour he likes, never has he done that with a pram before. For a pram retailer/car make collaboration it is a fair ish price too, unlike the £2000 price tag on the current Silver Cross/Aston Martin collaboration. With it's BMW badge emblazoned accessories, and a good few accessories too, this looks like a good contender for the 'new pram of the house' award. Not pushing aside the Bee Plus though, just giving the Bee a friend. :-D

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