Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rare night out, woo woo's, cake, american football training and we now have no garage left!

Wow, what an end to a week! A rare night out on Saturday night to a local bowling alley for a friend's birthday. My best friend also went and we started on a pitcher of Woo Woo's as soon as we walked in the door. She was also the maker and provider of the amazing birthday cake. If you want to place orders for occasion cakes, cupcakes or giant cookies she is the person to contact. Via FB Crumbs Farnborough and Giant Cookie, website for cookies is. Very highly recommended by me!

Last nights cake;

It was a much needed night out, after the arguments of the week, the stress of the first stage of garage demolition etc... even if we did have the youngest child out with us. He spent most of the night asleep in his pram which was nice!

So today, Sunday, has seen a quick dash to Asda with 3 children in tow, which means I forget half of what I went for because the only thing they are interested in is the sweet aisle. That and the fact that the 3 year old decided to do a disappearing act in the frozen aisles whilst I was in the bakery section so I almost forgot bread. I have still come home to find we still need a load of stuff, including evening meals but I was just in such desperation to get out of the house earlier on today that I didn't take note of what was actually needed.

Over the weekend has also seen the start of garage demolition. Yesterday saw OH and his brother tackling the roof, with a one hour break in between to go and move a hot tub from my parents garden, made for a long day and not as much done as OH thought would get done. So today they have gone for it big time and I now have no garage left, thanks to OH, my Dad, my bro and his son. Tuesday sees the delivery of a skip and a pneumatic drill thing for my bro to tackle the concrete that needs to be dug up. Is it over yet?!!

Today also saw the departure of our 15 year old to his first American Football training session. He isn't home yet so I can't update on progress on that one but I hope he is enjoying himself and gets on well. He will be home later and then I think they are wanting to catch some of the Super Bowl action tonight.

So now I am off to do a proper food shop so we can actually eat this week. I don't think the iced fruitcakes I bought earlier will feed 6 people for a week!

Roll on a new week of more demolition, fingers crossed for no accidents etc.... I can't deal with that at the moment although I will make sure I have 999 on speed dial, just incase!

Thank you also to Saffron for a great deal she found for all those men that need hints for Valentines Day. :-)

Interflora; £5 off a spend over £28- vcloudval5



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