Monday, 11 February 2013

Emailing your mother correctly, another long weekend and remembering to blog!

So I feel so neglectful. I haven't done a post for a few days. Sometimes trying to even go to the toilet in peace for more than 5 seconds feels like a chore and although I swear I am good at multi tasking, even I can't go to the toilet and blog in 5 seconds! The weekend seems to have flown by in a wave of more demolition, mud, rain, snow and chaos. Everything is going to plan on the extension side of things but has just thrown life into chaos along with it.

So we spent the day out yesterday, well first of all we dug up three bushes from the front garden that were in the space where the new porch will go. So in the rain and my fetching red wellies, I went out and dug, and pulled and hacked away at the bushes. No root would have me beaten and I am sure at one point I was sat in the mud arguing with the roots of a bush. I won though, well OK, me and OH won. With one digging and one pushing the roots we were victorious. If not slightly wet, muddy and cold!

Afterwards we went to my parents house for lunch. it's not as chaotic there and we get fed! We also sat and watched some old home movies, which was a right laugh for OH and the kiddies, but not for me as I seemed to play one of the major parts in most of these movies. How embarrassing! Then we went on to visit my sister in her new home. Which was tidy when we arrived, but after the banging and shouting that went on from upstairs I am not sure what state the kiddies rooms were in when my lot left! Our eldest went to American Football training again, he came home very wet and muddy but had fun and we had a lovely email from his coach today which was nice to read. 10 more training sessions until the season starts which will be fun to see.

Now onto the subject of how to email your mother, well, mine in particular. When you spend most of your days/weeks etc.... texting or typing on FB or emails to friends you forget the the oldies would still prefer a handwritten letter and a stamp to keep! I find myself typing out an email to my Mum then changing half of it because I have put OH, or LOL, or a sentence along the lines of;

 'I went 2 the PO 2day cos I sold something on FB & the lady paid with PP so I got it sent out ASAP, then I went 2 pick up DS from nursery and OH txt 2 say he fell over @ work which made me LMAO'

She would message back and tell me I had gone mad, or wouldn't even reply, she would think something had gone wrong with the PC and probably try and take it for repair. So emails take longer because I have to make sure that I write everything out properly so as not to confuse everything! Don't get me wrong, my mother is always emailing, so she knows how to do that at least! And it's a good way to communicate, I just have to remember to speak properly!

Right, that's me for today. I am off to make it look like I have done some housework, or spray some polish to give off that just cleaned smell as OH walks through the door. In reality, I had a friend over for coffee and cookies this morning and have blogged and drank tea this afternoon. I will try to not be so neglectful with the blogs, that's if life throws enough exciting stuff at me to blog about and that people want to read! :-)

I will leave you with a picture of progress so far and my pink fluffy footwear, perfect choice for standing in the wet, muddy garden??!

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