Thursday, 28 February 2013

Extension work, digger ahoy! Raising teenagers, oh boy! And product reviews coming soon, enjoy!

So OH has had the week off work, which seems to mean I have one more person to look after. However he has been so busy going all guns blazing with the extension that we have hardly seen him all week even though he is only outside the front door! He has spent most of his time digging the trenches for the foundations which meant the arrival of a digger. The kids got all excited but were quite disappointed with the digger we got. I think they thought a huge JCB was going to come ploughing down the road, however what we got was a little sit on digger than chuggered along very slowly and steadily. It was left in the capable hands of my Dad to be the driver and he did a fab job. Not only running his own business and looking after his own work, employees, home move etc... he has been here every day this week to help out. I love my Dad, I don't know where we would be without him, well probably not ready to be pouring concrete tomorrow that's for sure.

Concrete, eeek! I was on hand as OH's secretary to make the phone calls as OH has phone 'phobia'! I then have to relay conversations between the person on the phone and OH because I have no clue what I am talking about and really it would be easier if the two people just spoke to each other themselves. Anyway, it's ordered and arriving tomorrow and we have half an hour to pump 20 million (slight over exaggeration) tonnes of concrete into our trenches, this is after we have had the building controls, inspector, surveyor guy visit to give us the all clear to do it. I have a headache just thinking about it!

Raising teenagers, how do people do it?! I can imagine any teenager is a nightmare to raise, I know I probably was! My eldest is 15 yrs old and at the moment he hates us all, we are all in his way and we are annoying. He is going downhill at school too and he can't see that he is doing anything wrong. He wore the wrong shorts for PE the other day but it wasn't his fault, he swore at his teacher yesterday so was excluded for today, but that wasn't his fault?! and he has toothache but eats sugary foods and doesn't brush his teeth, and that's not his fault either!!! OMG, I thought all was OK, we were getting there. We hadn't had any problems from school for a while, you think you are all fine and then it all just blows up in your face! :-( What with him and our 9 year old having a 15 minute full on tantrum this morning because I wouldn't get her clothes for her to get dressed I am close to being carted off to the funny farm! Thankfully, Ella floats through school in a world of her own but keeps her head down and is doing fine and William has really settled well into nursery life. We now have daily sing songs of Soldier, Soldier yet when asked his favourite song at nursery he replied with Gangnam Style, how embarassing! He could have at least chosen Pink, Please don't leave me or Coldplay, Paradise. Our children are quite good with their music but to choose Gangnam Style as your favourite song, I think he needs a bit more musical guidance!! Here is a picture of the three boys, looking like butter wouldn't melt. This is the first day they all met, the day Blake was born. Our eldest was lovely that day, so kind and helpful. He can have days like that and then days that you wonder why you didn't call him Kevin, cos 'It's sooo unfair'!

Awwwww, Blake was about 12 hours old in this picture, seems like only yesterday. He was born just after 1am, I was home by 5.30am, went to bed for a couple of hours and then woke up to my daughter in the bed next to me as it was her birthday too. I gave her a brother as a birthday present, what more did she want?! He is now 6 months old already, where has the time gone? 

Over the next few weeks I will be doing a few product tests and reviews. At the moment I have a Mam Soother to test drive, well Blake has! I also have some Vital Baby weaning products on their way and a Bambino MioSolo cloth nappy. Once my reviews and thoughts are published by the companies I can then also share them in my blog. Hopefully I can start doing this as a regular thing if I can get other companies to ask me, I will keep you posted of any more reviews I am lucky enough to participate in.

For now, that's me, I was meant to be watching a film with OH but as I was writing this I have not followed the plot at all and now I don't know what is going on, so may retire to bed instead before the baby wakes me up again!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My sblended milkshake laughable disaster, gossip with the girls, Pop Tarts for dinner and a longgggg week ahead

Is it back to school yet? I have slowly gone round the twist this week and there is still an Inset Day on Monday, waaaaah!

I did have a night out on Friday with the bestie. Wagamamas rules, I could get take out each night if I could. Chicken katsu curry, edamame and we shared chicken gyosa. All was delicious and all washed down with a side order of girl talk, the perfect accompaniment to a meal. So after finishing, checking out the waiters butt, (he was sticking it right in our faces) we left and hit upon a great idea. A friend who was going to meet us for drinks couldn't make it so we would go to her house and take a sblended milkshake for each of us.

Sblended milkshakes are gorgeous. You choose from loads of different combinations and its literally sweets/chocolate mixed into ice cream with whipped cream and a topping. We bought 3 and then had to get them across town. Our plan seemed fab, or so we thought! We got back to the car and I was positioned into the passenger seat, one milkshake between my legs and one in each hand. The weather was freezing and now holding 2 cups of ice cream blended milkshakes in my bare hands we were ready for the journey.

We hadn't got far before we had to stop and reposition the one between my legs, it was slipping, lol! The journey felt like forever and the bestie told me to quit my whining! Anyway, we arrived at our friends house and I had cream all over my trousers, my hand and the cuff of my cardigan, on the carseat and marshmallows and white Maltesers adorned the footwell. We went through to the kitchen and the cups were prized from my fingers and we could see the extent of the damage! My finger tips had gone white and looked like a big blister, my friend mopped up the cream off my trousers and my hands hurt, reallllllllly hurt. Thankfully, they defrosted and no harm was done. After a fab night of girly gossip, putting the world to rights and deciding that women are fab, we had to head home. It was midnight, I rolled into bed and I had a 3.45am wake up call and a 6.30am, yawn!

The weekend has passed fairly uneventfully. My brother looked after the children whilst we went to Tesco. Tesco on a Saturday is bliss if you haven't got kids with you. Who cares if the car park is full, the people on their are full of trolley rage and we spent far too much. We were childless for an hour and a half, after Half Term chaos that time in Tesco was bliss.

No more extension news to pass on. All has halted but everything is going into full speed this week. OH is off work (yay to no school run cos he is doing it!), so he is getting the foundations finished and the floor in within a week, he hopes, and then the builder comes in and works his magic! Exciting and scary at the same time because we have to time everything, including people and materials, to arrive at the right times. It will be a long week, and stressful and OH home for a week is always a testing time, it's a bit like having 5 children home over Half Term! So hopefully over the next week there will be some photographic evidence of OH working and the extension work really taking off. With a little help from my wonderful Daddy.

Weaning has gone really well, baby led weaning was a triumph although Blake is also now taking food from a spoon as well and really enjoying himself. We have stuck to various types of vegetables for now and he has tried some yoghurt too which he gave a thumbs up. Well, when I say thumbs up what I really mean is he finished the pot within seconds and smiled, so I guess he liked it?!

I am off now, my evening meals over the past 2 nights have consisted of cookies n creme Pop Tarts. So not right for an evening meal but I don't care. They are scrummy and satisfying, and I have nearly run out. Sad times.

Friday, 22 February 2013

A quick thank you to everyone who reads my blog, and thanks to my bestie!

Just a quick post and then I will write a proper post tonight. I just wanted to say thank you to my bestie for telling me I should start blogging, and thank you to everyone so far who is reading, has read and shares my blog. I hope I keep everyone amused and entertained with the shenanigans and goings on in our manic world.

I did a little shout out on FB about 2 days ago to say how pleased I was that I had over 2400 views on my blog since I started and since then it has just ticked over to 2700 as I type. Thank you to everyone and I hope you continue to read and share.

I may write a blog post tonight, but Wagamamas is calling me first. After yearning for one in a blog post over the past few days I am now going to grab a well deserved chicken katsu curry and a gossip with my bestie. I think we can call it a celebration dinner for making it through Half Term alive. :-)

Thank you everyone. :-)


P.S; Link doesn't work from some mobiles and sorry for bothering you. :-)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Shopping with a stroppy teenager and 3 younger ones in tow, a quick look at our annual Harrods pilgrimage, Irregular Choice shoes and too many takeaways!

Today OH took William to nursery, which was nice as it spared us the cold walk up there this morning. However I still had to endure the task of taking a 15 yr old shopping. Had we been on our own we may have been fine but we had groupies, in the form of 9 yr old, 6 yr old and bubba in his pram. Bubba decided from the word go that, even though he had been up since 6.30am and it was now 9.30am, he wasn't going to  sleep even though he was tired. So he was fussing, moaning, crying, until he eventually fell asleep. The 2 older girls disappeared into the girls clothes department whilst I was with the teenager deciding what clothes to buy and moaning cos they didn't have any pants in his size, oh the joys! We made it out of the first shop only mildly stressed although by now the 9 yr old had begun to think about her stomach and when this happens you have a regular 'I'm hungry' update about every 5 seconds. The teenager had opted for the escalators as a means of escape as we had to go in the lift, even to him 20 seconds respite is bliss. Anyway, the rest of the shopping went OK but my stress levels rose increasingly because of the hungry 9 yr old and the grumbling teenager. To end a 'successful' shopping trip I tried a bodywarmer on in the last shop and I couldn't do the zip up so me and teenager had a giggle. 9 yr old asked what we were laughing at and teenager goes 'Cos mums a fatty'! Yeah nice, realllll nice!

Whilst dragging the kiddies around I did stunble across a new shoe shop in town, we wandered in and browsed. Converse and Vans were amongst the offerings which is always a good start but then OMG, Irregular Choice shoes. I am yet to own a pair, I am usually too busy drooling over them instead as I have nowhere to wear a pair. If I bought the pair I saw today I could hardly use them as my school run shoes! They were these babies!

Oh if I could wear them on the school run I would. :-)

Talking of shopping in an around about way, every year at Christmas we make our way to Harrods. This year was the first year in a long time that we actually ventured into a few other departments rather than the usual toy and kids clothes departments! We went through the food hall, through the lighting, not a wise choice to put the Disney restaurant in a place where you have to walk children through the chandeliers that are hanging low for people to look at! OH wanted to go and look at the watches, hmmm dragging 4 children through the fine watch department! We weren't there long, I asked where the swatch watches were and got a blank stare (joke!). However, OH went to drool over his Omega warch that he wants and after I pointed out that if he bought me the £20,000 watch I had seen he could have his Omega, we promptly left! Our main purpose of this trip is to visit Harrods Santa's Grotto. The kids love it, we buy photo's for the relatives, they go and raid the toy department, Ella got overly excited in the Disney Kingdom and we had a fab lunch at the Disney restaurant. For one day a year we can pretend we fit in to the Harrods lifestyle! This year Ella also met Jack Dee and I got a photo. OH told me not to bother him whilst he shopped, so I lost hubby and went back and asked. Hubby then stropped that he didn't get a photo with him, make your mind up! 

Oh what fun, I love Xmas. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about it the middle of February!

So now as I end my blog I confess to have had too many takeaways recently. We aren't talking every night, but 2 a week (sometimes 3 but very rarely), which I still think is too many. We vowed not to have too many in January, which worked but maybe should have carried on that commitment for the rest of the year. I am going to burn the menu's and hide the phones, yeah right. Takeaways are too easy and convenient when the last thing you want to do is cook after running around after the kiddies all day. I will voe to stick to only a couple a month and see how we go?! However, this may be the reason why I couldn't do the zip up on that jacket earlier and so I am a Fatty!!

One final plea to everyone reading! Please click on the link and vote for OH to win a BMW, he is fed up of driving a people carrier! Thank you.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Eating fondant fancies to keep me going through 1/2 term, looking through old photo's and the need for a holiday and a Wagamamas!!

Its now Wednesday of half term and I am on the verge of going into my little corner and rocking away! Instead I have enlisted the help of some cookies, cakes and tea to help me make it through to next Monday. The triple choc cookies hit a small spot and the fondant fancies are helping slightly too. If it gets any worse I may have to crack open the cream cakes or invest in some Cadburys Oreo chocolate bars. Missing out on my one night out didn't help but that may be solved with a trip to Wagamamas with the bestie, hopefully! I could so do with a Katsu chicken curry right now!

I was looking at old photo's the other day which got me thinking about needing a holiday. We usually do Center Parcs every year, a couple of years ago we went to Disneyland Paris which was fab and we would love to go back, hubby wants to do Florida but that is years away yet. I need a holiday NOW! Center Parcs serves us well. Our last visit was nearly a year ago. We go Mon-Fri and for Tues, Weds, Thurs we book the children into the creche for 3 hours a day and book a babysitter for the evenings too so we can get out for a meal. It's lovely, the kids really love the creche and we enjoy our 'us' time. They also enjoy swimming, badminton, pool, snooker, table tennis, outdoor play areas, the beach area by the lake and lots more activities. However, at the moment we are tied to when we can holiday. Our eldest is going through his last few months od school leading up to his GCSE's and if we go in holiday time it's nearly £1000 more than if we were to book the week after its school holiday time, which is just ridiculous!

Extension work has halted for this week. We don't want to go too much further until we have heard from building control but once we do it will be full steam ahead as OH wants the floor down and the builder in to do the brickwork by mid March I think. It's slow going, but we will get there! As a result of the extension work I have told OH that holiday plans just need to be put on hold for now and we need to concentrate on one thing. Everything is so hectic here anyway that adding a holiday into the mix just wouldn't work, unfortunately!

Another addition to our family today was my new wrap sling! To me it's a big thing! It is so comfy to wear and use so now I have my hands free at home when bubba is being a pain and not wanting to be put down and it is so comfy that I can happily carry him when out and about too. I bought a Didymos black ellipses Size 6 direct from and would recommend them highly to everyone.

I am off to finish watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, I have decided that I don't need to tidy the house more, just get me one of those people as a friend and invite them round each week! :-)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weaning 'rocks', where's my socks and no need for toys when you have a cardboard box

Weaning, hurrah. We seem to have had a breakthrough. We were going for BLW (baby led weaning) as Blake seemed to prefer to put everything to his mouth himself rather than having a spoonful of mush forced upon him. So I started with sweet potato. Grab the whole sweet potato, stab it a few times with a fork, always a good thing to do when you have had a stressful day!, and then pop in the microwave for 5 minutes or so. Cut it in half and scoop out the flesh, to make it a bit mushier you can add in a bit of their milk. Anyway, I scooped out a quarter of the sweet potato and off I went, although our BLW plans were scuppered at the first hurdle by the lack of a highchair. So instead I went at him with a spoon again and luckily he ate, all of it. The leftover 3/4 of potato I put in the fridge and used the next day, and he finished off the whole 3/4 in one sitting. I think he liked it! We have also tried an apple and pear yoghurt which went down well too. So we have got there, we have made it over the first hurdle and now on to making sure we give him plenty of variety so he doesn't become fussy. I must also get a highchair asap so that he can feed himself too. It will be much easier and he prefers to do it himself.

So onto socks, or the lack of them. We don't lack in single socks on their own, in fact we could open a whole shop full of single socks but they have no friends. I have a whole washing basket full of socks yet every morning I hear the same question from 5 people, 'Where's my socks?'. I am sure if I went through the basket I would be able to come up with a good few pairs for everyone, but those socks all went into the wash in a pair so where did the other one go? Frustrating indeed, I buy everyone different socks so we know whose is whose but then it was suggested that if we all wore black socks it wouldn't matter which ones were paired with which, however keeping track of the various different sizes of black socks would do my head in just as much! It's another chore added on to all the others that need doing. I would ask William to help sort them but  he would probably bury himself in them instead, which wouldn't help.

Half Term is upon us. Although my eldest still has school because he has revision classes for his upcoming GCSE's, eeeek, and William still has nursery every morning. My 9 year old has gone off swimming with Nanny and Auntie today and then is staying there for the night which is lovely, it's so peaceful without here and her strops, tantrums, moods etc....! So what do you do in Half Term? I can never please everyone because of the age differences, plus still having the nursery run to do doesn't give us much time to do anything major. William found a cardboard box yesterday which I was about to throw away and he put it over his head. My brain suddenly, although very painfully, whirred into action and I knew exactly what I could do with the box. I was lucky enough to know where a tub of felt tip pens were, which is unusual for this house, and I got to work.

And ta da, SpongeBob 'William' Squarepants;

It's not that often we get creative in this house. The girls like to do little craft sets that you can buy in the shops. Here is a picture of another time I got creative as an entry into a competition, most of my friends will remember as I hounded them for weeks for votes, and I won a prize! This is my Blake 'bump'!

Time to go for today. I have been to Sainsburys to get Ella new clothes. 25% off started today so everyone get down there and grab some savings. William is raiding the fridge, Blake is asleep and everyone else is out. So I am going to try and grab a cuppa before they all come back and ruin my peace!

Oh and OH went to work with the pram in the car for the second day in a row, so I think I need a second pram to keep at home for such occasions, hint hint to the OH!

A few more offers here from a website called Mummy and Little Me;
FREE red toy pod will selected Pacapod bags- Code POD
FREE purse pack worth £39.99 with any Il Tutto bag purchase- no code needed
FREE Sophie Giraffe with any purchase over £70- Code Sophie13

Offers cannot be used together.

P.S; By the time I wrote about a cup of tea further up and got to the end of my blog post, my eldest arrived home and Ella came back with a friend in tow. Farewell peaceful cup of tea!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

EXTRA BLOG POST! For the pram lovers, but mainly Stokke Lovers amongst us. :-)

I thought as I hadn't written a post for a few days I would spoil you with 2 in one day, but this one only applies to the pram and Stokke Lovers amongst us, I know there are a few. :-)

So my pram obsession started way back 15 years ago. I had 7-8 prams for my first child over the course of his pram riding years and I thought that was bad, but there wasn't much choice back then.

With my second child, there were a few more than that, I had tried various Mamas and Papas, Maclarens, Mothercare makes. It wasn't until my third baby arrived that the pramaholic in me really hit hard. We bought a brand new Bugaboo Gecko for her before she arrived and I longed for the day to use it. It was fab,. I loved it. Then we sold it as we were moving and at the time it was an expensive pram to have when you needed funds for moving etc... so we downsized to a secondhand Bebe Confort Loola. Which I hated. And so it started, selling to buy another one, which was either no good, too heavy, too bulky, too low down, not enough storage in the basket. I went through hundreds. To name a few;

Mamas and Papas; Ultima and Mpx (many!), Freestyler, Pliko P3, Scoot, Luna, Aria (single and twin)
Maclaren; Quest, XT, Starckk
Silver Cross; Halo, Dazzle
Phil & Teds Sport (many!)
Mountain Buggy Urban
Bugaboo Gecko, Bee then Bee Plus, Frog, Cameleon (lots of the same model over!)
Quinny Zapp (many!)
Baby Jogger City Mini
Stokke Xplory (hundreds of them!)

So across baby number 3 and 4 I went through hundreds of prams, always buying and selling. Picking up bargains on eBay. I would use them for a few weeks and go on to the next one. None of them ever stayed in the house very long. Six years ago I bought my first Stokke Xplory, it was a secondhand V1 model in red and I fell in love. The height of the seat is a major plus point for me and the height adjustable handle is a big bonus when there is a foot between you and your husbands height. The option to go forward or rearward facing is there but I prefer to have them facing me, we can have a little chat as we go along. They can see more too, I was on a bus with my son and we went over a railway bridge, he could see out of the window and look down at the trains. The little boy in another pushchair on the bus couldn't even see out of the window. I am sure looking out of the window is preferable to looking at most of the miserable people you find on a bus!

The improvements made to the Xplory when they made the V3 Evo only improved an already practically perfect pushchair, the new rounded seat unit and footrest, the one handed footrest removal, the sun visor and easy to remove fabric covered bumper bar all enhanced it's already unique look. I have used the Xplory for a 6 mth old and a toddler and the push is equally the same. I can also push one handed whilst holding onto an errant toddler with the other hand and have no problems whereas there are other prams where you can only steer it with both hands firmly on the handle. Oh and the shopping basket opens up into a decent bag that can give Mary Poppins carpet bag a run for its money!

So I sold it on, I maybe downsized slightly but I missed it, the first pram I have probably really missed. So I bought another one. In all I can't even think how many I have had. At last count, and as far as I can remember, it is 2 red V1's, 1 beige V1, 3 turquoise V1 and V2, 2 black V1/2, 1 yellow V2, 2 olive V2, 2 purple V3 Evo, 1 navy V3 EVO, 1 light green V3 EVO and another red V3 EVO. That's 16, OMG! However, I can highly recommend them.

I think what happened was I would own one, sell it on for something else then realise I loved it so much and nothing else was really as good as it and so would have to buy another one! Each pram has its own different qualities though. I am currently rocking a neon pop Bugaboo Bee Plus which I love but for very different reasons to an Xplory, however it does lack on some of the Xplorys plus points. However, we now have to have 7 seats up in the car and we are left with no boot space so we had to go for a small folding pram that I liked. For now it has stayed for a long while, however the new pram itch has set in. If OH would let me have an Xplory and keep the Bee Plus for the car I would be a happy bunny. I don't drive so during the week a lovely big pram for walking around would be perfect. Just need to convince the OH that it's a good idea. Or maybe Stokke could give me a generous discount for my dedication and commitment to the Xplory pushchair! First on my list is a Tripp Trapp highchair though as we have just embarked on our weaning journey.

Stokke Xplory accessories include carrycot, change bag, footmuff, winter kit, summer kit and different textiles sets.

UK stockists for the Stokke Xplory and other Stokke products are;

P.S; OH wants a BMW Maclaren, maybe I could sweeten him up by buying him one?!

Weaning woes, washing clothes & more housework to do I suppose!

So our weaning journey still hasn't started. I have a food shop being delivered in about half an hour and I have bought lots of vegetables to cook until very soft and we are going to try baby led weaning. I have never tried this approach before. The other four were happy for me to spoon it into their mouths, but not Blake! However, if he is sat on my lap whilst I am eating he will follow the food to your mouth and try and grab at it.  So, I have decided he can do it on his own. With supervision of course, and Mummy on hand to mop up the spilt mushed broccoli, carrot etc... off of the floor. I am totally unprepared for this. We have no highchair to sit him in, so not a good start. I may be out this afternoon buying one of those too. I have had to read up on baby led weaning and do my research, good old Google! Here is a fab website with lots of information, there are tonnes more on the web but pointing you in a direction is a good start. Hopefully there will be a successful update in my next post.

Clothes washing, it's never ending. Just when you find that elusive bottom of the wash basket, it disappears again. I had my toddler calling me the other day 'My head's stuck Mummy', thinking the worst and that I was going to find him stuck in some stair railings or with his head in the washing machine I actually found him crushed under one of the five piles of washing that had toppled over on top of him! I have the washing machine and tumble dryer on constantly and OH informed the other day that the washing machine is wearing, really, I wouldn't have guessed it! So, once the extension is complete and I have my utility room back I will be investing in another one of each appliance. Needs must when there is 7 of you in the house, and a cloth bum too!

Speaking of cloth bums. It's so easy, every one turns their nose up at washing nappies but it's really not as bad as it used to be. Gone are the days of stirring nappy soup, it's all about dry pailing now. Then just chuck them in the machine and away you go. A strip wash every now and again to gain maximum absorbency is a must. Oh, and if you fall out with your OH then a quick wash with his work shirts makes you feel better, mwahahahahaaaaaa!!!

And onto housework, I have no room for anything at the moment. I have plenty of unhelpful people in the house and I am left to drown alone in a sea of housework that is never going to get finished. I tidied the front room yesterday, started on another room, went back and the front room was messy again. Oh and the hunt for the missing iPod continues too but I have all but given up on that one. It's probably in the same place as the £5 note that went missing yesterday morning too. Both now missing in action and laughing at me from a hidden corner in the house somewhere.

So, I am off to get dressed before the Tesco delivery turns up, I don't want to scare the poor man that delivers it! OH is taking it easy today as he has hurt his shoulder so probably isn't going to get as far in the trench digging for the extension as we would like him to but it's not worth pushing it and then hurting his shoulder more. It will get there, eventually!!

One more thing, our 3 year old appeared in the local newspaper this week, Pancake races at school. They look like they had great fun.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pandora, prams, pancakes & puree. Oh and apprentice cookie maker for the morning!

Wow, what a lot to fit into one post. I thought I would start with Pandora. The perfect gift for Valentines Day, or birthdays/Xmas, or even Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc....! It all started Valentines Day 2011, OH bought me my first bracelet. I was fed up of getting rubbish, useless presents and it gives people the perfect idea of what to buy on those special occasions. So I am now on my second bracelet, its started nicely and in a purple colour theme, unlike the first which is a mix up of all different colours! New charms due out soon too, just saying! ;-)

I also became apprentice giant cookie maker for the morning helping out the bestie with the huge amount of Valentines cookie orders she had to do, we made good progress and I had great fun. Her cookies are also fab for any other occasion too.

Prams, well I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to going through the endless list of all the prams I have owned, and don't know when to stop! As I said previously I could make a book out of all the prams I have had and what is right/wrong with them etc.... but I won't go on too much. Just need to say one thing at the moment, Maclaren and Bugaboo you are evil! Enticing us with new prams when I thought I was fine with the one I had.

OH has just cooked the pancakes, he always was a good tosser and he proved that tonight! He told me not to be horrible about him on my blog, but I think I can just about get away with that one, as it's pancake day! ;-) DD1 smothered her pancake in golden syrup then jam, ewwwww. I knew that I would see her in the kitchen 2 seconds later saying she didn't like it. Mum is always right! DS had pancakes at nursery and DD2 had pancakes at school so they weren't fussed on more pancakes at home.

And so onto puree. Yes it's that milestone in another of my children's lives when we make a mess! Now mine weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths, a plastic one would have been good though. Also the ability to reach 6 months and know exactly what to do when the time came would be helpful. It seemed so much easier with the other 4 and I am sure I had started feeding them solids by now. However, Blake has other ideas and although he is happy to drink milk all the time he does seem to be waking up more frequently in the night at the moment and I think he needs something a bit more substantial inside his belly. So with bibs, bowls and spoons in hand I am going to try and become a domestic goddess and puree my own veg. Domestic goddess, lmao, it doesn't take a genius to puree some veg and fruit, it's the getting him to eat it that seems the hardest part at the moment. I feel pressured to have reached 6 months and he hasn't started, yet I don't want to force him and cause issues over it at the same time. Anyway, I am armed with a small food processor which is a very handy item to have and will start asap. I did try him last night with some banana yoghurt but he just give me this weird look as if to tell me that I was poisoning him!

Right, that's me for today. One more P word for today is PUB, yay! My one night of freedom a week, the day release from the nutty farm to go and try and make my brain engage into this thing they call thinking and knowing answers to questions. If you hear a loud whirring sound, it's my brain trying to work!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Emailing your mother correctly, another long weekend and remembering to blog!

So I feel so neglectful. I haven't done a post for a few days. Sometimes trying to even go to the toilet in peace for more than 5 seconds feels like a chore and although I swear I am good at multi tasking, even I can't go to the toilet and blog in 5 seconds! The weekend seems to have flown by in a wave of more demolition, mud, rain, snow and chaos. Everything is going to plan on the extension side of things but has just thrown life into chaos along with it.

So we spent the day out yesterday, well first of all we dug up three bushes from the front garden that were in the space where the new porch will go. So in the rain and my fetching red wellies, I went out and dug, and pulled and hacked away at the bushes. No root would have me beaten and I am sure at one point I was sat in the mud arguing with the roots of a bush. I won though, well OK, me and OH won. With one digging and one pushing the roots we were victorious. If not slightly wet, muddy and cold!

Afterwards we went to my parents house for lunch. it's not as chaotic there and we get fed! We also sat and watched some old home movies, which was a right laugh for OH and the kiddies, but not for me as I seemed to play one of the major parts in most of these movies. How embarrassing! Then we went on to visit my sister in her new home. Which was tidy when we arrived, but after the banging and shouting that went on from upstairs I am not sure what state the kiddies rooms were in when my lot left! Our eldest went to American Football training again, he came home very wet and muddy but had fun and we had a lovely email from his coach today which was nice to read. 10 more training sessions until the season starts which will be fun to see.

Now onto the subject of how to email your mother, well, mine in particular. When you spend most of your days/weeks etc.... texting or typing on FB or emails to friends you forget the the oldies would still prefer a handwritten letter and a stamp to keep! I find myself typing out an email to my Mum then changing half of it because I have put OH, or LOL, or a sentence along the lines of;

 'I went 2 the PO 2day cos I sold something on FB & the lady paid with PP so I got it sent out ASAP, then I went 2 pick up DS from nursery and OH txt 2 say he fell over @ work which made me LMAO'

She would message back and tell me I had gone mad, or wouldn't even reply, she would think something had gone wrong with the PC and probably try and take it for repair. So emails take longer because I have to make sure that I write everything out properly so as not to confuse everything! Don't get me wrong, my mother is always emailing, so she knows how to do that at least! And it's a good way to communicate, I just have to remember to speak properly!

Right, that's me for today. I am off to make it look like I have done some housework, or spray some polish to give off that just cleaned smell as OH walks through the door. In reality, I had a friend over for coffee and cookies this morning and have blogged and drank tea this afternoon. I will try to not be so neglectful with the blogs, that's if life throws enough exciting stuff at me to blog about and that people want to read! :-)

I will leave you with a picture of progress so far and my pink fluffy footwear, perfect choice for standing in the wet, muddy garden??!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Falling in a hole, demolition continues and whose child is this???!!!

So demolition is in full flow, it's getting there. Picture updates to the OH from my new iPhone 5 whilst he is at work is my input for the project! I have removed rubble, tipped wheelbarrows full of stones into skips and shovelled dirt, but that is in between nursery drop offs/collections, baby crying, school runs, lunch times, clothes washing (including the cloth nappies!) housework (yeah right!) etc.... and shopping. Shopping this week consisted of food shopping and drill shopping. Who knew drills were so expensive?!

Cloth nappies rock, even if most of the people who have looked after Blake have refused to take him in cloth nappies, not sure why?!

I also had another food order arrive from Approved Food, I now have a newly acquired food locker AKA my wardrobe. No, not Foot Locker, that's the shop that sucks me in every time I walk past and  I end up buying a pair of shoes for a child, not myself! Talking of shoes, Blake got 2 new pairs this week. Reduced from £32 down to £10 per pair from They are so cute and one pair look like they will be ideal for when he starts toddling around, not that I am wishing the time away but it will happen in the blink of an eye! I must say that I have always had a shoe obsession, however nowadays its the kiddies who get them. Williams shoe collection is the worst at the moment! What 3 yr old needs 2 pairs of wellies, 2 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of boots, a pair of Toms and a pair of Uggs, last time I looked he only had 2 feet?! He isn't quite Imelda Marcos, but he isn't far off.

Anyway, I think OH is hoping by this weekend he will have got rid of most of the concrete. My brother has been a great help and has worked three days solid breaking it all up. Tuesday night after I had been down the pub I was texting a friend and walking down the driveway at the same time, must remember that there are big holes in the drive, ooops! And no, I wasn't drunk, just forgetful. Its OH's birthday tomorrow so I will let him have the day off, maybe! I had to dash out to buy cake, cards and had a deliveries of presents today, so we are ready for birthday time at least!

So, we have one child at netball club. Which is good as it means I only have to dash to one school and home again. Then the MIL runs said netball club so sometimes we are lucky enough that she takes our daughter home, feeds her and brings her home just in time for bed. So how is it that I still end up with more children in the house than I actually own?! They multiply, like Gremlins, suddenly there is another one arriving at the door. Oh and they all want to stay for tea. So I am off to look on ebay for a soup kitchen sign, some hot plates and a whole servery to feed the 5000. :-)

Oh and one last thing, baby has been helping out too, awwww!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting DIY tips from the Tesco delivery man, OK days turning into chaotic ones, and how do you cope??!!!

So American Football training was a success for the 15 year old, he aches today but he had a fab time and going back next week. We decided we would all go and collect him from training, we had been in most of the weekend doing garage demolition so thought the drive out there and back would be good. Errrr, no! We turned up too early, watched for a bit then we are informed he still has 45 minutes. So off we go in the car, what do we do? OH needs petrol, that wastes 10 minutes. Then I decide that as we are in that area we will go and check out my sisters new house. She wasn't in, we just did a drive by, lol! That wasted another 5 minutes. So we end up in Sainsburys, no-one wants to get out of the car, cue girly strops. We get them out of the car and into the shop. We need cards and gift for OH's mums birthday. Job done. We eventually get 15 yr old and head home, I have the headache from hell and decide that takeaway pizza is best, or pizza from the man at the door as our three yr old would say! All fed and in bed apart from our eldest who insists on watching the Super Bowl, cue late night, no sleep, unable to get out of bed for school etc..... Oh yes, hello Monday!

So, Monday. Toddler is doing 5 mornings a week at nursery due to 2 full days not going well. So I took him this morning, he was fine, although needed a telling off over a certain incident. He will get used to it, he needs a good bit of discipline. I think he was well and truly sorry and everyone has spoken to him about it today, he was on the verge of tears again when Daddy had a word this evening!

Also today I have ordered a skip, sorted out building controls letter that we had arrive via email, things need to be changed, argh! I also have a breaker arriving tomorrow along with my brother to get started on breaking up all of the old concrete floor and getting it in the skip. Tesco delivery arrived at 2.55pm. Yes, I did order for between 1pm and 3pm but was hoping it would arrive slightly earlier! So, as well as taking the delivery in I also had a friend on the phone, the baby had woken up just at that point and was crying upstairs, I was meant to be getting ready to go out on the school run and I have the Tesco guy telling me that the fence panel needs to be tied down as it was blowing in the wind. I felt like telling him exactly where I wanted to put that fence panel!!

Saturdays progress;

There is nothing left there now, I did take a picture but it was in the dark, with an iPod, and I am no David Bailey!

So evening has arrived, 3 out of 5 children in bed, the 2 that aren't are fighting in the living room. I am about to go and bang their heads together.

Tomorrow is the start of saying goodbye to the old concrete floor and breaking up some of the driveway to map out the layout for the new floor, it will be exciting to see the new floor space mapped out, even if we still have a LONG way to go.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rare night out, woo woo's, cake, american football training and we now have no garage left!

Wow, what an end to a week! A rare night out on Saturday night to a local bowling alley for a friend's birthday. My best friend also went and we started on a pitcher of Woo Woo's as soon as we walked in the door. She was also the maker and provider of the amazing birthday cake. If you want to place orders for occasion cakes, cupcakes or giant cookies she is the person to contact. Via FB Crumbs Farnborough and Giant Cookie, website for cookies is. Very highly recommended by me!

Last nights cake;

It was a much needed night out, after the arguments of the week, the stress of the first stage of garage demolition etc... even if we did have the youngest child out with us. He spent most of the night asleep in his pram which was nice!

So today, Sunday, has seen a quick dash to Asda with 3 children in tow, which means I forget half of what I went for because the only thing they are interested in is the sweet aisle. That and the fact that the 3 year old decided to do a disappearing act in the frozen aisles whilst I was in the bakery section so I almost forgot bread. I have still come home to find we still need a load of stuff, including evening meals but I was just in such desperation to get out of the house earlier on today that I didn't take note of what was actually needed.

Over the weekend has also seen the start of garage demolition. Yesterday saw OH and his brother tackling the roof, with a one hour break in between to go and move a hot tub from my parents garden, made for a long day and not as much done as OH thought would get done. So today they have gone for it big time and I now have no garage left, thanks to OH, my Dad, my bro and his son. Tuesday sees the delivery of a skip and a pneumatic drill thing for my bro to tackle the concrete that needs to be dug up. Is it over yet?!!

Today also saw the departure of our 15 year old to his first American Football training session. He isn't home yet so I can't update on progress on that one but I hope he is enjoying himself and gets on well. He will be home later and then I think they are wanting to catch some of the Super Bowl action tonight.

So now I am off to do a proper food shop so we can actually eat this week. I don't think the iced fruitcakes I bought earlier will feed 6 people for a week!

Roll on a new week of more demolition, fingers crossed for no accidents etc.... I can't deal with that at the moment although I will make sure I have 999 on speed dial, just incase!

Thank you also to Saffron for a great deal she found for all those men that need hints for Valentines Day. :-)

Interflora; £5 off a spend over £28- vcloudval5