Friday, 25 January 2013

An introduction. Hello and an intro into chaos, and stormy seas ahead!!

Hi, Eeek at blogging. I don't even know if I have done it right. I have a 3 year old that is more tech geek than I am. Anyway, I am here, if you can read this then I have done something right. I am Laura, age 21 plus 12 yrs, if I keep that 21 there then I can still think I am young. :-)

I have 5 children aka the Things. Thing 1 age 15 years, Thing 2 age 9 years, Thing 3 age 6 years, Thing 4 age 3 years and Thing 5 age 6 months. These are the reason there is the chaos word in the title! Oh and a husband Dadof5, age 34 yrs, although I swear he is Peter Pan, you know what I mean.

So where do I start. The never ending washing, the mess, the constant lack of food even though I only shopped yesterday, the arguments, the strops, the 'I am always right and will argue with you constantly'. Nope, we have 5 wonderful children, who, despite all of the above, are the reason I get up in the mornings. Albeit to get them to school as quickly as possible! Thing 1 is about to embark om his GCSE's and the amount of calls that I get from teachers going on about revision classes I feel like I am going through it all again myself. Thing 2 is in Year 5 and has developed a lovely little attitude, along with the ability to lose everything, even if she only held it in her hand 2 seconds ago! Thing 3, the clumsy one. There is always one, although, touch wood, nothing broken as yet. The most serious incident was a split chin that had to be glued! 

Thing 4, it feels like he has grown up so fast, such a character. As I said at the start he loves going on the PC. You will generally find him on Youtube watching professional bowling or listening to music. No nursery rhymes for this one, music of choice at the moment is Gangnam Style (argh!), Pink, John Denver's 'Country Road' or Coldplay's 'Paradise'! Quite a mix of musical genre there and I am sure his taste in music will change next week. And finally, Thing 5, who has only just learnt to roll over but I am sure that is the start of him growing up and the time flying as fast as it seems to have done with all of the others.

I don't want to go on too much in this first post, although it seems I have already! I hope you will carry on reading as I hope I can give a few hints and tips as to how I cope, or don't cope, with every day life. I will also share any money saving tips/offers etc.... as over Christmas 2012 I really got into finding discount codes to buy things and it has carried on, I now get annoyed if I can't find a discount code to buy something, or at least a good offer on what I want!

As much as I like to think I do lots of wonderful things with the children, there just isn't enough time in the day, however one thing we did make over Christmas was the salt dough Santa hand ornaments which were a great success and made great gifts for the relatives. I will share a picture in readiness for next Christmas and will post the instructions at a later date. It's January, it's far too early to think about next Christmas.

So, that is where I leave it for now. Thing 4 wants attention, which means I will no doubt find he has unravelled a toilet roll, emptied a tub of baby powder or something else that needs cleaning up along with the rest of the house.

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