Thursday, 31 January 2013

A food delivery, a night out, a non-alcohol month & admitting you're still a pramaholic!

Such alot to cover tonight! First of all we had another delivery from Approved Food. Very impressed with the amount I spend and what I get for my money. I do a shop once a week, unless there wasn't much that was there to buy. Although there usually is! Here is a picture of what arrived today. :-)

So now I need to make sure that it is hidden away and rationed or it will be gone in seconds.

So, next thing is our night out on Saturday, yay! Well, I say night out, we are still taking baby with us but they are easily portable at this age and don't run off in random directions when you are out and about! We have Auntie coming round to sit with the other four and will enjoy our time off. It's a friends birthday and bowling has been organised, it's always good for a big group meet up and catch up. The OH has been having a non alcohol month in January so as of tomorrow he is drinking again, I am not sure that one month off a year actually does you any good so I am not seeing the point of it, maybe that is just me! I think he is up for having a few on Saturday night and probably make up for the lack of alcohol through the whole of January!

This week has also seen our 3 year old suddenly decide after 2 weeks of nursery that it is all going to go wrong suddenly, it was all going so well. Two full days a week was a shock  to the system and he is overtired and unhappy. So we are going to try a different strategy for a few weeks until he gets used to 2 full days, because he is doing it whether he likes it or not. Or I am sending him out to work 5 days a week and let's see how he likes that!

This week has also seen the resurface of the pramaholic in me. Yes, my name is mumoffive and I am a pramaholic. It had disappeared, if only for a few months, but it's suddenly creeeping out again. Nooooooo. I had far too many prams for my last baby, this time around I can't do it again, can I? There is always a one pram in and one pram out rule, strictly overlooked by the OH. Probably best or there would be a garage full of prams that resembles a car showroom! So, there is a new pram I have my eye on, although the OH does approve, he even hinted that he preferred one colour to another, although I don't think he realises how much saying he likes a colour means that he is giving the whole thing his seal of approval! Our set of wheels at the moment are;

If I had to write a list of the prams I have had it would turn into a book!

Discount codes tonight too, I will try and cover a variety of things if possible (including prams!);

Tesco Direct; £5 off £25 of more on entertainment. TD-KFPW
Toys r Us; £5 off £30 spend. 9908087559996
New Look; £5 off £25 spend. STBBJAN
Emma Bridgewater; 10% off. WELCOME10
Schuh; 10% off. WELCOME10
Superdrug free delivery; FREEDELFB
Sports Direct; 10% off all footwear; FXJH761BEO3W
Mothercare; 20% off toys when you spend £15; RNLH
Kiddicare; 5% off, kiddivc19
Kiddisave; 10% off, JAN10

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