Thursday, 31 January 2013

A food delivery, a night out, a non-alcohol month & admitting you're still a pramaholic!

Such alot to cover tonight! First of all we had another delivery from Approved Food. Very impressed with the amount I spend and what I get for my money. I do a shop once a week, unless there wasn't much that was there to buy. Although there usually is! Here is a picture of what arrived today. :-)

So now I need to make sure that it is hidden away and rationed or it will be gone in seconds.

So, next thing is our night out on Saturday, yay! Well, I say night out, we are still taking baby with us but they are easily portable at this age and don't run off in random directions when you are out and about! We have Auntie coming round to sit with the other four and will enjoy our time off. It's a friends birthday and bowling has been organised, it's always good for a big group meet up and catch up. The OH has been having a non alcohol month in January so as of tomorrow he is drinking again, I am not sure that one month off a year actually does you any good so I am not seeing the point of it, maybe that is just me! I think he is up for having a few on Saturday night and probably make up for the lack of alcohol through the whole of January!

This week has also seen our 3 year old suddenly decide after 2 weeks of nursery that it is all going to go wrong suddenly, it was all going so well. Two full days a week was a shock  to the system and he is overtired and unhappy. So we are going to try a different strategy for a few weeks until he gets used to 2 full days, because he is doing it whether he likes it or not. Or I am sending him out to work 5 days a week and let's see how he likes that!

This week has also seen the resurface of the pramaholic in me. Yes, my name is mumoffive and I am a pramaholic. It had disappeared, if only for a few months, but it's suddenly creeeping out again. Nooooooo. I had far too many prams for my last baby, this time around I can't do it again, can I? There is always a one pram in and one pram out rule, strictly overlooked by the OH. Probably best or there would be a garage full of prams that resembles a car showroom! So, there is a new pram I have my eye on, although the OH does approve, he even hinted that he preferred one colour to another, although I don't think he realises how much saying he likes a colour means that he is giving the whole thing his seal of approval! Our set of wheels at the moment are;

If I had to write a list of the prams I have had it would turn into a book!

Discount codes tonight too, I will try and cover a variety of things if possible (including prams!);

Tesco Direct; £5 off £25 of more on entertainment. TD-KFPW
Toys r Us; £5 off £30 spend. 9908087559996
New Look; £5 off £25 spend. STBBJAN
Emma Bridgewater; 10% off. WELCOME10
Schuh; 10% off. WELCOME10
Superdrug free delivery; FREEDELFB
Sports Direct; 10% off all footwear; FXJH761BEO3W
Mothercare; 20% off toys when you spend £15; RNLH
Kiddicare; 5% off, kiddivc19
Kiddisave; 10% off, JAN10

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Skip, skip,skip to my drive and early morning wake up calls I despise!

So I get woken up early by the baby. So then I think I have ALL the time in the world. I haven't written a post for a couple of days so feel I have neglected my duties, so I sit here at 7.20am when I should really be getting everyone ready for school, that can wait for another 5 minutes, I am enjoying the peace!

So, today my job is to hire a skip. It's not the highlight of my week but it needs to be done. I am quite looking forward to seeing the garage go. Long gone will be the days of running out into the utility room to shove the washing in the machine whilst being rained on from the leaky roof above. I was going to say I will enjoy having a utility room that I can sort all the washing out in without dragging it all into the house and making it look like a Chinese laundry, but what is enjoyable about clothes washing. It's never ending and I swear that the socks go on holiday. Never as a pair though. Nope, left has had enough of right, she's fed up of him laying around all day unwashed, so she is off. She waits until wash day and then buggers off on holiday leaving right to fend for himself, and me frustrated that I have a whole basket full of odd socks with no friends. Well I hope she is happy wherever she is!

So, anyway, skip hire, then shopping, then ladies who lunch which is a standard part of every Wednesday. Lunch with my Mum, 2 aunties, my cousin and a dwindling number of children as they have all slowly started school over the years and it gets quieter and quieter. Oh and the cake comes as standard too! I also have to fit in a visit to the Post Office, a quick shop on Next updates (for a friend!) and try and muster up something for dinner that they will actually want to it (where is that pizza menu).

I have an Approved Food delivery on the way too so I will share details of my goodies when they arrive before they get hidden away from the children who feel the need to eat it all in the space of an hour. Also more discount codes coming up on my next post, which I may sit and do tonight when kiddies are (meant to be) asleep. :-)

Right, that was a short post today, if I don't move from the PC then they will be late for school and I don't think my excuse of 'Sorry we were late, Mummy was writing a post on her blog' would be enough to gain them an approved late pass from the teachers, unfortunately.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

An extension, a few arguments and the burning question.........

How do we cope? Or, how do I cope. I go from days where I feel like a partnership to days where I feel like I am a single Mum of 5 with a lodger in the house.

Well, anyway, I don't cope! I would like to think on the outside it looks like I do. However, from the outside, I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards and I am lucky to find a hairbrush before I leave on the school run. Mornings are hectic, and that is putting it mildly. It goes something like this;

Kiddies get up, I shout, kiddies eat breakfast, I tell them to hurry, kiddies getting dressed, I tell them to stop watching TV, kiddies finding book bags/school bags, I tell them they should have had it ready the night before, kiddies running out the door before me, I tell them to slow down!! And breathe! Alarm clocks going off too late doesn't help. The OH thinks it's OK to still get up at 7.45am because he thinks he only has himself to get ready.

Throw into the mix a 15 yr old who needs about 50 wake up calls before he even surfaces from his pit with a teenage groan, a bit like Kevin the teenager from the Harry Enfield sketch, you know the one!

Anyway, once they are at school, we head home and into a kind of calm. Jobs need doing and I am still left with a toddler and a baby. Up until recently when our 3 year old started nursery on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day (bliss!). After school is the same chaos. They are hungry, they have homework, they have reading books, they want food, they need a bath, and nothing can be done without an argument! Oh and hubby expects to come home to his tea on the table, his pipe and slippers ready by his favourite chair and the sports channel on the TV. Sonn he will expect me to throw a tartan blanket over his knees and buy him a rocking chair!

Today myself and my OH have spent most of the day arguing, let's just say that the way he speaks to me and the constant 'Oh all you do is sit and watch Jeremy Kyle all day' attitude is getting to me slightly. He then expects me to phone people, talk to people, take paperwork into the council offices for him etc.... He has phone phobia and people phobia, it's laughable!

Which leads into the extension project update. He has spent most of the weekend in the garage, taken the electrical stuff out, started taking the roof off and now needs a skip. Which if he says 'Oh I need a skip' enough times, he assumes I will order it! Or it will turn up by itself. Next weekend we are calling on the men of the family to come and help with the big demolition, the easy part, I think I may go and take a sledgehammer and take some of my frustrations out on a brick wall, it can only help right??!

So, this weeks goals are, to watch as much Jeremy Kyle as I possibly can and do nothing in the house, then he will see what I actually do do for the lot them. :-)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Chomping on oreo double stuff cookies and saving money tips!

Money saving tip, don't eat the whole packet of Oreo's to yourself! I feel sick now. I blame Asda, if they hadn't have substituted the normal Oreo's for double stuffed then I wouldn't have got over excited.

So, money saving,  I am useless at not being able to stop spending, yet I always like to find money off vouchers, discount codes or sales. More money to then spend I suppose but that isn't how it should work. So hopefully by writing it down I can teach  myself a lesson?! First one, grocery shopping.  I shop at all the supermarkets, I don't have a favourite although I do find Asda the cheapest overall. If shopping online take advantage of new customer discounts by using a different email address to re register. £10 off with Tesco and £12 off with Sainsbury's. I was also directed to a fab website called Approved Food, which I had never heard of before, but I am hooked. They have different stuff being delivered every week. It's all stuff that is either past its Best Before, end of lines, old packaging etc..... I go for the drinks and snacks mainly as we go through tonnes of it. You can get fab prices on there and it really helps as it cuts the cost of the main grocery shop down, unless your 15 yr old decides to go on an eating binge and eat it all in one night. That's a whole different story!

Another thing I forget to do is bulk buy on offers. For example; The children's favourite cereal is on offer so I get all excited and buy one box at half price. ONE BOX, where is that going to get me, through 2 mornings if I am lucky! I need to learn to buy 10 boxes and store (if you can!) because by the next week when you go shopping again it will not be on offer that's for sure!

Over Christmas I went discount code mad and I think out of all the presents I had to buy only a very few were bought without codes. I will add a couple that I know of now and will maybe add codes at the end of each blog. I hope they will be of use.

One last thing today, kerb your pramaholicism (that is so a made up word but I am going with it!), that will not count for a lot of people reading this, however those of you who it does, you know who you are! It's a hard habit to kick, but at the moment I think I may be cured, until I relapse!

I had a fab deal on gift cards at Argos but they pulled the offer yesterday, the meanies!, so I can't share that one!

I will post codes but cannot guarantee success!

Abercrombie & Fitch- 50% off on some sale items
Next- £10 off £15 spend- giving out cards instore
Boots- £10 off £60 spend with the code MOBILE using a mobile device (however I did get this to work on PC)
Graze- FREE Graze box with the code HELLOTASTY
Debenhams- 20% off with codes XF76 or YC72
Sainsburys- £12 off £60, first shop (just use a different email if shopped there before)- MT9K-3GR7-XH94
Disney Store- £12 off £60- Code MAGICJAN12

One more thing, NEXT UPDATES!, ever since the Next sale on Boxing Day they do regularly daily updates of their clearance section on their website, everything half price or less and something that you saw that was out of stock yesterday, might just be in stock today.

This is just a few various different ones. If anyone is looking for anything specific then please leave a (NICE) comment and I will try and help out!

That's it for today, today is the start of garage demolition. More on that another day. :-)

Friday, 25 January 2013

An introduction. Hello and an intro into chaos, and stormy seas ahead!!

Hi, Eeek at blogging. I don't even know if I have done it right. I have a 3 year old that is more tech geek than I am. Anyway, I am here, if you can read this then I have done something right. I am Laura, age 21 plus 12 yrs, if I keep that 21 there then I can still think I am young. :-)

I have 5 children aka the Things. Thing 1 age 15 years, Thing 2 age 9 years, Thing 3 age 6 years, Thing 4 age 3 years and Thing 5 age 6 months. These are the reason there is the chaos word in the title! Oh and a husband Dadof5, age 34 yrs, although I swear he is Peter Pan, you know what I mean.

So where do I start. The never ending washing, the mess, the constant lack of food even though I only shopped yesterday, the arguments, the strops, the 'I am always right and will argue with you constantly'. Nope, we have 5 wonderful children, who, despite all of the above, are the reason I get up in the mornings. Albeit to get them to school as quickly as possible! Thing 1 is about to embark om his GCSE's and the amount of calls that I get from teachers going on about revision classes I feel like I am going through it all again myself. Thing 2 is in Year 5 and has developed a lovely little attitude, along with the ability to lose everything, even if she only held it in her hand 2 seconds ago! Thing 3, the clumsy one. There is always one, although, touch wood, nothing broken as yet. The most serious incident was a split chin that had to be glued! 

Thing 4, it feels like he has grown up so fast, such a character. As I said at the start he loves going on the PC. You will generally find him on Youtube watching professional bowling or listening to music. No nursery rhymes for this one, music of choice at the moment is Gangnam Style (argh!), Pink, John Denver's 'Country Road' or Coldplay's 'Paradise'! Quite a mix of musical genre there and I am sure his taste in music will change next week. And finally, Thing 5, who has only just learnt to roll over but I am sure that is the start of him growing up and the time flying as fast as it seems to have done with all of the others.

I don't want to go on too much in this first post, although it seems I have already! I hope you will carry on reading as I hope I can give a few hints and tips as to how I cope, or don't cope, with every day life. I will also share any money saving tips/offers etc.... as over Christmas 2012 I really got into finding discount codes to buy things and it has carried on, I now get annoyed if I can't find a discount code to buy something, or at least a good offer on what I want!

As much as I like to think I do lots of wonderful things with the children, there just isn't enough time in the day, however one thing we did make over Christmas was the salt dough Santa hand ornaments which were a great success and made great gifts for the relatives. I will share a picture in readiness for next Christmas and will post the instructions at a later date. It's January, it's far too early to think about next Christmas.

So, that is where I leave it for now. Thing 4 wants attention, which means I will no doubt find he has unravelled a toilet roll, emptied a tub of baby powder or something else that needs cleaning up along with the rest of the house.