Wednesday, 16 May 2018

NEW Paultons Park Peppa Pig World Grampy Rabbit's sailing club and The Queen's coach ride attractions open May 16th. Here's what we thought with a sneak preview of the new rides.

We were recently sent a Royal Invitation and last Friday we visited Paultons Park for an exclusive sneak preview of the two new rides at Peppa Pig World, Grampy Rabbit's sailing club and The Queen's Coach Ride which open on May 16th 2018.

The newest and first extension to Peppa Pig World since it first opened in 2011 is an amazing new addition to an already very popular attraction for families. 

Nestled within Paultons Park which boasts many fun rides and attractions for all of the family, Peppa Pig World sees lots of visitors each year with Paultons Park welcoming over 1 million visitors each year. 

When we visited on Friday we were greeted at the entrance to Paultons Park and we were given over special guest lanyards which allowed us access to the two new rides which were still separated from the rest of the park to all guests except those visiting for the preview days. We were a little early to access the new rides and the park had just opened so we took the opportunity to jump on a couple of the other rides first. The queues were very small at this time and we didn't have to wait for long in each queue although Peppa Pig World was getting busy quite quickly. 

After we had jumped aboard Peppa's Big Balloon Ride and Miss Rabbit's helicopter flight it was time to head over to the new rides. We were all very excited to have this sneak preview and Thing 4 and 5 were running ahead to get there as quickly as they could. As the new rides were still secured off to the public until May 16th's grand opening we headed around to the entrance. 

Meeting Peppa, George, Suzi Sheep and Zoe Zebra

We were greeted by the lovely team who handed us a fab goody bag full of Peppa Pig themed gifts which the children were super thrilled with and we headed around to the rides. The new rides are an amazing addition to the park and take up a good amount of space within Peppa Pig World. From The Queen's Coach Ride up high you can see Grampy Rabbit's sailing club below you and you also have a great view of the rest of the park. 

After saying a quick Hello to Peppa and George who were walking around meeting and greeting us all we headed to The Queen's Coach Ride first. Nestled inside the Queen's castle you have to go upstairs in the castle where you hop aboard one of her very lovely and colourful coaches for a trip around the park area. Travelling from the castle above and around the sailing club ride, taking in the views as you go and back to the castle again. 

Thing 4 and 5 loved this ride, it's so high up and you get to look at all of the other rides in Peppa Pig World, they were looking to see which rides we hadn't been on and seeing which characters they could spot as we were so high up, it was a great view point as well as a fab ride. 

After that we headed back down the stairs from the castle and grabbed a drink as well as a lovely Peppa Pig themed cupcake and had a quick Hello from The German Wife, another lovely blogger who I have met before but it has been a long time since we had seen each other so that was nice. 

After a quick picture with Gerald the Giraffe, one of the many new characters featured in the new part of the park, we headed to Grampy Rabbit's sailing club. The queuing area takes you over a small bridge and down to where the boats arrive. There is enough seating for four people in each boat and it takes you around a lovely scenic route taking in a picnic scene with Peppa characters as well as the scene where Grampy Rabbit fell asleep on his boat and left the children on Pirate Island! 

We loved this ride too, it's a gentle water ride which also spins too as you go around so you get full view of everything that there is to see. 

As well as introducing these two new rides into the park they have also incorporated another eatery underneath the Queens castle as well as more facilities for everyone nearby. 

After we had seen the two fantastic new rides we headed out to enjoy the rest of the park which has so much to offer. With the new Little Africa area next to Peppa Pig World and the Lost Kingdom with all it's dinosaur themed rides we had so much to see and do. Thing 4 loved the Wave Runner ride as well as the faster rides such as Velociraptor and Flight of the Pterosaur. Thing 5 is still scared of these faster rides so whilst Dadof5 took Thing 4 to enjoy the rides myself and Thing 5 were happy with Percy's Play Park and if it had been slightly warmer he would definitely have been in the Water Kingdom too. 

With the ability to pop back to the new Peppa Pig World rides whenever we wanted to we went back around three times in total trying out the new rides on each visit back. We made sure the new rides were our last stop before we left the park too and we lasted until almost park closing time at 5pm. Thing 4 and Thing 5 had an amazing day and were completely exhausted but very happy. 

One of the dinosaurs in the Lost Kingdom

We would definitely recommend a trip to Peppa Pig World and of course the rest of Paultons Park too. There is so much to see and do and the attractions cater for all ages too. Park tickets cost from £29.25 in advance or £34.25 on the day and covers entrance to the whole of Paultons Park including Peppa Pig World. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Why does having 5 children mean that people assume they don't have as many opportunities or 'privileges' as others

Whilst at work the other day I struck up a conversation with a customer about children. People are always slightly taken aback when I say I have five children and they are soon asking their ages and 'How do you cope' and 'You don't look old enough'. Clearly that last statement is a lie and they are just being polite because at the moment I feel and look about 90!! 

Anyway, the other day I was slightly taken aback by a comment that was said to me. 'Oh but yours won't have as much privilege being one of five will they'. I am sure the person in question meant opportunity rather than privilege but it really played on my mind for the rest of the day. 

Cinema time

Why is there the assumption that being from a larger family means you won't always have what others do. The person in question was assuming that we maybe don't have as much money as others or even if we did it would then be split between five children rather than maybe one or two. Or maybe that they didn't get enough of our time as there are five of them so how could we possibly give each child the time that they need from us.

People are all too quick to judge when it come to larger families. Some have the assumption that we must be on benefits, living in a council house and 'I bet the government pay for your children'. Well no it's all wrong and it's wrong to always assume things of others. 

Our children are happy, a handful! and get as much opportunity to do things as others and I would never say they miss out on anything being from a larger family. Yes it all adds up when they have school trips, new clothes and shoes, horse riding lessons, school meals, eating out, cinema trips etc..... Eating out or going to the cinema as a family of seven certainly costs more than if we were a family of four but that doesn't mean we don't do it. 

 Now I am sure if we had even more money we could give them so many more opportunities than they already have but, that said, the same statement applies to most people. We are happy and we give our children everything that we can and every opportunity to do things that they want to do. 

Thing 3 enjoying her horse riding

As for giving them our time I feel that they get plenty of our time too. I was lucky enough up until recently to be a stay at home parent until they all started school. I was here during the days to look after them, take them to school, toddler groups, out with friends etc... We help them with their homework, read with them at night time and take them out at the weekends. That said I am sure that a lot of parents who both work full time during the week still have time to do all of those things too and whether you have one or five children you can give them as much time and attention as they need. 

Thing 5 thinks eating out is the best! 

So please don't assume anything about anyone. Passing judgement about others is wrong. 

Whether you have one, five, ten or twenty children. Live in a two, four or ten bedroom house and have a moderate or luxurious income. We are all doing the same job and raising our children the best we can and aim to give them every opportunity they can have. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Our BIG family announcement. There's a new baby on the way!!

Ok, so I didn't ever think that I would be sharing baby news from the Staying Sane house ever again, or at least not for a long while yet. 

However, Thing 1 and his girlfriend are making us grandparents, eeeek! 

It all came as a bit of a shock. I now know how my parents felt all those years ago when I announced I was expecting at the age of 17. Back then I thought my parents were 'ancient' and I didn't know what all the fuss was about when they grumbled at becoming grandparents at the ages of 39 and 42. Now I completely understand how silly my teenage thinking was and I know they were too young (and I was too young!). 

Thing 1 arrived the day after my 18th birthday and I had a lot of growing up to do and quickly! I lived with my parents for the first year and they were an amazing help with everything and still are now five babies later! 

So Thing 1 is going to be a Dad. Is he ready? No. Is he responsible enough? Probably not. Will he make a good Dad? Of course he will. 

Is any parent at any age really ready for the arrival of a new baby. Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially. Nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights, the dirty nappies, the endless amount of washing, the crying and that small person completely relying on you for their every need. Honestly Thing 1 is still like that now! 

However, they will make great parents. They will learn as they go and they will have their families there to help them every step of the way. Everything so far is going well and it's time for their 20 week scan next week. 

I am super excited even though there is so much they need help with before the baby arrives. I have made myself official pram advisor although I have taught Thing 1 well, even though he won't admit it! 

So there we have it, the news I didn't think we would be sharing just yet but it's happening anyway! 

Now where's my rocking chair and my knitting needles??!! 

Taking a look at the wonderful Plae UK children's footwear range and a review of the Plae Max boots from their new intergalactic space range. Heading into the winter season with Plae.

Plae UK children's footwear has caught my eye for a while now. I am always on the look out for something different when it comes to footwear for the children and I found this great children's footwear brand last year. 

Plae has always had fun styles and bright colourways across all of the footwear on their website and we were spoilt for choice when it came to deciding on a new pair of shoes for Thing 5. 

From shoes to boots for summer and winter Plae UK has lots to offer. 

The Max boot was our choice for Thing 5 though. As it was getting cooler and towards Autumn/Winter time I wanted something a bit more robust for his feet. There are so many colours to choose from in the Max boot that I wasn't sure what to choose. 

From black, ribbon red, gold and even camo as well as so many more we opted for the Max boot in their, new for A/W 2017, space static black colour way. With its hi top giving extra ankle support as well as easy to fasten velcro straps the boot is made from nubuck leather and woven poly material. 

Thing 5 wanted to wear them straight away and they were so easy for him to put on himself. We haven't mastered laces as yet and even his older brother who has almost learnt how to tie laces really would prefer velcro just for easiness and because it is so quick! The boots were so flexible and soft and I love the extra protection on the toe area which is always the first place for wear on shoes with my children. The website even has separate velcro tabs to purchase to customise your Plae shoes and boots. 

These boots have been worn everywhere. They have seen so much wear already and yet still look fab. They are smart enough to wear with jeans and ideal for a run around in the park or to wear out to a party. 

The Plae UK Max boot is available in 11 different colour ways so you will struggle to choose from all the gorgeous colours available. The ribbon red is also a favourite of ours and they are made from napa leather. 

Whether you are looking for shoes like the Plae Nat or Ty styles or more robust boots like the Max boot or the Noel boot which look ideal for winter there is a style and colour to suit every occasion and purpose on their website.

We are now looking at more Plae UK purchases, if we can decide on what colours to choose! 

Their range is amazing and well worth a look so head over to the Plae UK website today to take a look at their full range of shoes and boots. 

Disclosure; We were sent a pair of Plae boots to review, all comments and thoughts are our own.